We know you haven’t found your home in the center of Valencia yet.

It’s normal, you haven’t designed it yet.

design your home

lives differently


Design your home your way,
both distribution and finishes and equipment, so that you do not miss anything, rarities included.


Save on bills, have high thermal and acoustic comfort in your home and protect the environment, in fact, go hand in hand.


Live in the center of your city with a lifestyle on foot, without relying on the car, and have more free time to enjoy what matters.


Rareares are those details that you consider normal inside your house but that may not be normal in others.

step 1

Fill out the form so that we know each other and tell us what you are asking for your house, rarities included.

step 2

When we have a building that suits your needs, we will warn you.

step 3

You will design every detail: distribution, finishes and equipment.

step 4

We build the building with a closed price for your personalized house.

houses delivered

houses in design

houses on the way

Happy designablers


The first brand of custom, sustainable buildings and in the center of the cities that adds people, architecture and technology.

“The well-being of those who inhabit their buildings and the environment,the priorities of Designable”

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The New York Times

“Designable, the company that drives sustainable and customized buildings”

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Valencia Plaza

Designable, sustainable architectureat the service of the customer “

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AD Magazine

“Designable sells in record time its second sustainable housing building”

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Economy 3

“Both the project and the financial situation convinced us”

Alice and Gregory

Cllero Building

“The best personal experiences we’ve ever had”

Mari Carmen and Paco

Cllero and Rojas Clemente Buildings

“We are designing the house so that whoever lives there enjoys it as a home”

Nico and Alicia

ClementE Rojas Building

who we are

In designable we are reasonable and we like to ask for the impossible: we want you to live in a personalized and sustainable house in the center of Valencia.

And since we do, let’s do it right. We know you’re worried about the future, so do we. That’s why our buildings work actively and passively to achieve a more sustainable social and environmental tomorrow.

To achieve this we add people, architecture and technology in a pioneering concept that will change the way you buy a house,inhabit a building and live a city.

Do you want to design your custom home?

If you want to know more about how you can be part of our communities,or you need more information about the details of the process,or you have doubts about tax, legal or financing issues,or you just want to meet us,write us and we will contact you to solve all doubts.

Do you want to sell a plot or a building in the center?

If you have an exclusive building or plot in the center of Valencia and would like to see it become a building full of life and illusion, write us so that we can contact us and study the feasibility of the project and start the necessary procedures.

Do you want to invest in an impact company?

If you’re looking for invest in a brand that fights for sustainability and the well-being of the user,who wants recover heritage and regenerate the city centre and you consider that our proposal adapts to your investment portfolio,write to us to get to know us and see the best way for us to help each other.

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