Would you like to invest in the startup that will revolutionize the Real Estate?. Now you can buy Designable shares from £10 in a simple and safe way.

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With us people can live in a customized and sustainable home in downtown at an affordable price.


Our aim is to multiply X8 your investment by 2024 if you invest now in Designable.


With your investment we improve our technology to increase revenue by 200% each year.


We back up your investment with real estate assets by keeping the commercial premises.

Investment reached


of the £300,000 target

New investors

from +10 countries


days to close the crowdfunding


In 2019, +200,000 people in Spain looked for a home in their city to buy, but they didn’t find it. It’s an unsatisfied market of €40,000+ Million and, unlike traditional developers and second hand, we do offer them what they want: a customized and sustainable home up to a 10% more affordable.

Play and find out how we do it!

2 buildings sold in record time, 1 delivered in 2018.

€3’5+ Million managed, €400,000+ signed in revenue.

25+ people with Designable homes, 1,000+ interested.


The market has shown us that we are ready to bring Designable to other Spanish cities to meet the demand and offer maximum profitability to our investors by reaching our goals for the next 5 years:





Now you have the opportunity to become a Designable investor thanks to Crowdcube,the leading Equity Crowdfunding platform in Europe, which helps people to buy startup shares easily, safely and from £10.


It’s the minimum amount to buy Designable shares now.


We multiply the price of your shares by increasing our business value.


New investors will enter in and they will be able to buy your revalued shares.


Step 1

Sign up for free at Crowdcube and search for Designable.

Step 2

Decide the amount you want to invest and click Invest now.


Step 3

Fulfill the form to confirm that you know where you’re investing.

Step 4

Enter the card you want to make the investment with.


– Ask us in the blue chat you have in the lower right corner.

– Write to us in the form below.

– It mighy be already resolved a little further down in the FAQ 🙂

Frequent Asked

What is Equity Crowdfunding?

Equity crowdfunding consists of investment by individuals to support a project in which they believe, trust and consider that they can make economic returns in the medium or long term, and with which you do not require very high capital to become an investor.

It is a model that is widespread in the United States and the United Kingdom, and is rapidly developing in Europe, as it allows to be part of growing companies and projects and be part of its success, and that is also a fantastic financing route for a company as designable.

If the company grows, you will have the option to make an “exit”, that is, sell your shares at a value greater than the value you bought them.

Why is it important to have Priority Access?

Being on the Priority Access list we will notify you first when the crowdfunding round is launched in Crowdcube so that you have the opportunity to invest in the Private Stage preferably before the rest of the Crowdcubeinvestors.

Does entering the Private Phase guarantee me to be able to invest?

In order to invest, you must first comply with Crowdcube’slegal conditions, as well as do so before the capital increase is completed.

Receiving Priority Access will let you know before anyone else when the Private Stage opens and you will have important information about it first.

How much money can I invest?

Your investment can range from a minimum of €10 to a maximum of €20,000 (if you want to make a higher investment, write us to investor@designable.es).

Can anyone invest?

Yes, as long as you are of legal age and comply with the legal conditions set by Crowdcube..

Can I sell my shares at any time?

No, the money invested is recovered when certain opportunities occur, with minimum time terms of 2-3 years and up. In this way, it is advisable to invest amounts of money with which you feel comfortable for the future, and that you do not require in your day to day.

When do you get the profit?

When you participate in a company, profitability is generated when one of these three situations occurs:

  1. In the event of a total or partial sale of the company.
  2. In the event that annual profits are generated and the company decides to distribute them among its partners as dividends.
  3. In case the company goes public or offers the repurchase of shares.
What is the cost of investing in designable?

From the financial amount you decide to invest Crowdcube will subtract a small commission from Crowdcube.

Should I take into account this investment in Income Statements or other Treasury formalities?

Only when in the future do you get a return on it, as in any other investment. Until this situation occurs, you won’t have to present anything to the Treasury. See all the information here..

What are the initial value of my holdings?

The total value of your shares will depend on the number of shares you purchase. The current value of the designable shares is 20 euros.

How many shares will I get?

The number of shares will depend on the investment you make.

For example, if each shareholding had a value of €1 and you invest €100 euros:

  • Crowdcube’s commission will be removed (1.5): €100-1.5 = €98’5
  • You’ll get 98 shares.
What are the differences between investing in the stock market or doing so in equity crowdfunding?

The main differences are as follows:

  • While on the stock exchange it is invested in companies that trade in a market in which the shares can be bought and sold consistently, an investment in equity crowdfunding can only be sold in case the package to which your investment belongs (Crowdcube Nominee) sold in full to another investor (commonly known as making a “exit”).
  • On the stock exchange you invest in large companies, while on equity crowdfunding platforms you do so in companies that are at earlier stages (and with greater potential for growth and profitability).
Once the investment is made, what is the disbursement process like?

After announcing the start of the crowdfunding campaign, those with Priority Access will be able to access the Private Stage on Tuesday, May 12, while the rest will have to wait until the public opening to complete the registration process and make the investment.

Once the funding round is complete, the closing process arrives. At this time, all investors will receive an email with the legal summary of the investment and will have 7 days to review the documentation. During this period, the investment may be withdrawn (i.e. you can forgo the investment in designable at no cost or explanation). After 7 days, payments will be processed and certificates of shares will be issued.

What is the risk of investing in companies?

The same as investing on the stock exchange: that in the future the company is worth nothing or worth less than it is worth today, so it provides only the amount that you will not need in the short term or in your day to day.

Can I invest directly in designable without using Crowdcube?

Yes, only if you plan to invest more than 20,000 euros,in which case contact us at investor@designable.es.

Can I see additional company information?

Yes, once you register with Crowdcube,you will have access to all designableinformation. If you have any doubts, you can send us your questions through the forum that you will see on our Crowdcubepage.

What is the company's current valuation?

In this round, the company’s valuation is €8.4 million pre-money, calculated by cash flows discount on our Business Plan 20-24.

Will Brexit affect my investment?

Crowdcube is a UK-based company, so it is subject to UK regulation, as are investors who register on the platform with the aim of investing, regardless of the country of origin. More specifically, Crowdcube is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the highest financial authority of the Anglo-Saxon country, and also has the permission of the Spanish National Securities Market Commission, which allows Crowdcube to be able to manage investments in Spain.

Following the start of the process of exiting the European Union by the United Kingdom, better known as Brexit,a process of transposition (adequacy) of all European laws into the British legislative system was initiated. In this way, the FCA’s regulation will remain the same, apart from the political outcome of the United Kingdom and its membership or exit from the European Union.

Does this investment have any tax implications?

At the tax level, it will always apply the rules of the investor’s country of residence and, therefore, Brexit would have no impact on capital gains tax for natural persons. For details of the tax implications of investing in British and Spanish companies, you can consult this guide..

How does the Euro/Libra exchange fluctuation affect my investment?

The pre-money valuation of designable is always maintained in Euros, so it will not be linked to the exchange rate between pounds and euro during capital increase.

The amount reached through Crowdcube will be done in Pounds, but will not be executed immediately at the time the investors commit to you. That is, the times are:

  • When equity crowdfunding is opened, investors will commit an amount denominated in pounds, but will not be charged.
  • After crowdfunding is completed in mid-June, the credit/debit card corresponding to the exchange rate of the day in question will be charged within 3-7 days.
  • For 5-7 days, Crowdcube will keep the money in pounds and then convert it to Euros, at which point the investment will be made.
What do I get in exchange for investing?

You will get designableshares, one of the Most Potential Impact Startup in Spain that is transforming the Real Estate Sector. In addition, you’ll get rewards, depending on how much you invest, that you’ll discover in a few days :D.

Investing in companies in early stages can involve risks as well as large returns.
Please read the risk warning on Crowdcube’s website before investing.