A lot of small people, in small places, doing small things, can change the world

– Eduardo Galeano

We want to improve the future of all, cities and the environment. And we believe that the best way to achieve this is to change the lives of the people who are going to inhabit that future.

next building/launch

The next building will be again in a very central area of Valencia: 5 minutes walk from the Jardin del Turía and 10 minutes walk from the Central Market. It will have homes of 40m2, 60m2, 85m2, 100m2 and 125 m2 in which you can design the distributions according to your needs. Of course, it will be a sustainable building that will have the BREEAM International Sustainability Certificate.

Rojas Clemente/sold

Extramurs, Valencia


release >
delivers Dec. > 2018
Dec. 2021

130 m2 / house

In a well-established neighborhood with a newly pedestrianized square, a building with five neighbors who are almost a family.

In May we launched our second building and the sale of the houses has been closed in just 2 months, a record time, thanks to a proposal focused on offering value to people and improving their lifestyle. With a unique level of sustainability, every neighbor
he designs his own house, both distribution and finishes and equipment, so that they do not miss anything. Rarely included.


Ruzafa, Valencia

type Rehabilited Building

release > delivers
May > 2016
August 2018

150.000 € – 300.000€

There is no better feeling than to give a building its lights, to the street the color and the neighbors smile.

In Calle Clero, next to the Mercado de Ruzafa, in 2017 we started the construction of a new building, we rehabilitated the facade of 1930 and distributed five houses and an attic. We deliver the houses at the end of 2018 and each one is as unique as its inhabitants, rarities included.

“The expectations have been far exceeded. The possibility of self-promotion, seeing how the work progresses and enjoying the process (when we thought the process would be a succession of problems) is what surprised us, we sincerely hoped to have many more unforeseen. Right now, I think that in case we needed a new home we would only opt for self-promotion.”

Paco and Mª Carmen