Bioconstruction, building with natural materials

Bioconstruction, another architectural concept that has become fashionable.

Bioconstruction is about building in a healthy and sustainable way using materials that, mainly, respect those who live in such construction as they respect the environment. Who wouldn’t want to live in a house that was healthy? Of course we do.

Just look back at the time of our grandparents, and use those materials that they used, natural, toxic-free, that last and are also recyclable and sustainable.

Today day no one doubts that eating organic products brings us closer a healthier life. Most people are aware of the great number of conventional products that we buy in supermarkets and that carry harmful chemicals to our health and for the environment, but are we aware of the amount products and materials we have at home that contain toxics just as Bad?

From designable, we are sure that this question is asked by many people concerned about their health, their children’s health and the environment. Currently, construction materials harmful to our health are used, such as paints or varnishes that come from oil and emanate toxic elements; materials such as PVC, insulation from wools, or even the cement itself that is used to build.

A material that is non-toxic, does not accumulate natural and artificial gases or radiations, nor toxic emissions, its maintenance is optimal and durable over time. Its construction is as sustainable as possible and has the least possible impact on the environment, this is the materials of bioconstruction.

In designable we have a priority, build housing with quality materials, sustainable for both environment as for the people who live in it.

Why is it so important living in an eco-friendly house?

Build ecological materials or what is the same with ecomaterials makes a housing has more quality. They are materials such as stucos, varnishes and Natural paints … not much more expensive but if more durable in time and that in the long run, they save money.

An ecological house built with the bioconstruction criterion can have the same advances as a conventional house that does not use ecological and sustainable materials, are houses that focus on energy savings with less environmental impact.

Materials from Bioconstruction.

For the structure of a home you can use materials such as stone, ceramic bricks, solid wood…

For the insulation of a home, materials such as cork, plant fibres from wood, linen, cotton can be used… among many others.

For cladding such as doors and windows or beams you should choose wood and, of course, it is always treated with natural products.

If you found this post about bioconstruction interesting, you will surely like the new trend of green covers. Do you know this concept?.

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Image source: unplash. Bosco verticale Milano