I’m sure you’ve often discussed with your neighbors the fact that you install solar panels for community use. Installing solar panels in a neighborhood community is a way to reduce the community’s electricity bill in addition to consuming renewable energy and being a little more sustainable.

Installing solar panels in a community of neighbors a few years ago was not possible, as the law prohibited the installation of a solar panel for the use of more than one home, either within the same city, as outside it. Exactly, the law required that the facility be connected to a single home.

Sunlight is a source of energy and, of course, savings. Installing solar panels in a community of neighbors is a great economic and energy saving, quite large. The light comes from the sun and converts it directly into energy to be consumed in the community of neighbors.

Having solar panels in a neighboring community is a way to incentivize self-consumption,as well as save time in managing paperwork and amortize the initial investment in half the time.

Why is it cost-effective to use community solar panels.?

When the solar plate produces energy and that energy is not consumed at the moment, the energy is lost. In many countries, you see what the balance sheet is, that is, the surplus energy of a solar panel of a building, can be poured into the public grid and that for example the bars and shops of your neighborhood can use them, either for free or paying what is considered in terms of a use of the network.

But in our country, Decree 900/2015 requires giving away those surplus energy to our electric company that possibly sells them so that the shops of our neighborhood can use them.

The solution for not wasting energy production would be to install panels that do not produce more energy than the consumption that the building may have.

The maintenance of solar panels in a community of neighbors.

It is very important that the solar panels have good maintenance as this will depend on the performance and the service life of them. The maintenance plan for solar panels is previously designed with the aim of extending the life of the solar panels.

It is necessary to ensure that they are not in contact with corrosive elements, in case there are solar panels that are stopped and do not work, it is better to cover them and not give them the light directly.

In the case of photovoltaic installations should take good care of the batteries of the solar panels and in the case of those of solar thermal energy,you have to take special care with the purging and antifreeze, to prevent the plates from freezing and as we have mentioned before, all that material can corrode.

Although the initial investment is high, the benefits for a community are many.

  • Having solar panels in a community of neighbors means an annual saving of between 120 and 200 euros
  • Using the energy that comes from solar panels means a reduction in the emission of gases into the air.
  • Installation is simple
  • Has a lifespan of more than 30 years
  • Installing a solar panel contributes to a work production of many people. From the manufacture of the solar panel, the design, the commercialization of the solar panels, the installation of the solar panel, the maintenance…
  • Most importantly, the electrical savings of using a solar panel.

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