Over the past few weeks we have seen a number of changes, both in our lifestyle and in our priorities and our way of thinking.

One of the great lessons we have learned from this crisis has been that if we control people’s actions, we can significantly slow the development of events.

Citizens around the world have stayed home to curb the pandemic and have tried to look for the common good, even though it has been difficult to stay home for so long.

Another unexpected result of this crisis and after confinement has been the notable decrease in polluting emissions such as carbon dioxides and nitrogen (CO2 and NO2).

We have also seen how this health crisis has also served to underscore the fact that sustainable development is the only way,as we have already discussed in past articles.

But now it is also of great importance to see how we deal with the new situation.

Sustainable economy

Numerous climate and social policy experts have developed a list of “green stimulus” to rebuild the economy, combining both social and environmental development.

This list proposes some ideas that strengthen job creation in the expansion of clean energy, refurbishment of buildings or sustainable construction of housing. They also stress the importance of maintaining and increasing the operation of public transport by more people.

Among the proposals finally construction and management of green infrastructures or the sustainable textile production.

On the other hand, Red Española del Pacto Mundial updated its paper Sustainable Finance and 2030 Agenda: Investing in the Transformation of the World” which aims to be the dissemination tool for companies and organizations and their involvement with sustainable finance; as well as to give visibility to the existing actions of Spanish entities in this area.

The document shows a growing commitment of the private sector to sustainable investment and reveals the great need to increase this sustainable investment to contribute to the progress of the 2030 Agenda and the achievement of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

In addition, they highlight the possible creation of more than 300 million jobs thanks to these sustainable investments, making this one of the great arguments in favour, as it would be a possible exit to the economic crisis generated by COVID-19.

Finally, the need, at the global level, to establish a financial system that is concerned, in addition to economic growth, with the protection of health and the reduction of greenhouse gasesis emphasized; thus protecting the economy in very instability phases.

In Europe alone, stimulus to sustainable investment or green investments could serve to meet the goals set on reducing carbon emissions to which member countries have already Committed.

Therefore, it is to be hoped that, once the crisis has passed, it will be answered by creating economies and societies that are truly sustainable and that, after what we have experienced in these months, there will be greater awareness with the environment and the way in which we relate to it, because our impact on it and our ability to curb it has been evident.

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