We live in a world that is increasingly polluted either by not using vehicles that respect the environment, for not recycling… For this reason, if we want our children to live in a healthiest and safer place it would be advisable to pay more attention to what we do with the environment.

Thanks to sustainable construction, the impact of the construction itself on the environment can be better and much more manageable.

Sustainable construction not only improves and meets people’s needs but also helps to conserve and care for the environment. Sustainable construction provides solutions to problems that are present today.

There’s to keep in mind that not only must we build sustainable buildings but also take care of their environment.

What is construction Sustainable?

Around 40% of the materials used in the European Union are intended for maintenance and new construction, so we need to give it importance to more sustainable construction.

Building with sustainable materials means that there will be less waste in the environment, less CO2 in the atmosphere, and that there will be healthier housing for the people who live in them.

What basic features has a sustainable material?

The basic characteristics that a material must have to be sustainable is, that they are materials that come from nature itself,such as natural stone. It is a material that does not harm people,that is, that it is healthy for people and for the environment. Make it a durable material over time and be reusable.

What are the advantages of a sustainable construction?

In addition to taking care of the environment, the environment and the people who live in it, sustainable construction has economic benefits both for those who build the house (architects, engineers…) and for those who live in it.

Buildings with sustainable construction take advantage of the water in their environment such as rain. Light comes from solar panels and they do not build thinking about taking advantage of sunlight. they use energy-efficient appliances… that is, they decrease the expenses and therefore the quality of life of people.

What materials do we use for sustainable construction?

Two of the sustainable building materials are:


One of the most sustainable materials that comes from nature. Some experts estimate that using wood to build a home can result in energy savings of up to 60% in heating or air conditioning in a house.

It is important that the wood used must be treated against moisture, insects and fungi, in addition to ensuring the sustainability of the forest area from which it comes, that is, that it comes from a responsible logging, this implies that by the felling of a tree they plant new trees.

Wood works as an insulator and is a recyclable and durable material.

The natural stone

Natural stone is a natural and ecologicalmineral product, which has a minimal impact on human health and the ecosystem. It is a durable material in time and characterized as the most efficient natural coating as it is considered as the best acoustic insulator.

It is a very exclusive material since no stone is exactly the same color. In this way over the years, it gives added value to the construction.

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