After the last housing bubble, sustainable houses are asked how the best economic alternative is also environmentally friendly in the real estate sector.

Sustainable houses are a phenomenon that has come to the real estate sector and has done it to stay.

They are homes that are built with ecological materials,that have recycling systems and that are supplied with green energies. Green energies are the energies that are obtained natural sources such as wind, solar and hydropower among many others.

It is very important that sustainable houses achieve a comfort in the ventilation and air conditioning of the home in addition to get optimal light conditions without using many supplies.

For a house to be sustainable it must use equally sustainable materials. They have to generate their own energy and they must be able to use their own resources. Having solar panels installed that collect the and store and reuse rainwater.

If we think about the economic aspect, sustainable houses have a higher cost in construction, perhaps this would be the initial “problem”, the price of the materials of a house sustainable is more expensive than the price of materials from a traditional home. We have to try to recycle materials so that the upfront expense is not as High.

It is also true that although a greater cost in construction, in a few years this cost is monetized thanks savings on supply bills.

That is why energy efficiency, savings in supply costs and construction expenditure must be calculated when building a sustainable home. Since they bought the first materials, the years of life they have and the maintenance of them.

It is not only about installing solar panels and water collection systems but for example taking advantage of the wind to dry clothes instead of using a dryer or taking into account the hours of light to not turn on the lights, build an urban garden…. I mean, it’s also a lifestyle.

Before building sustainable houses, first of all we must take into account some requirements:

  • Develop a budget that is in line with the sustainable houses
  • Of course you should choose materials Ecological
  • It is also important to take into account the orientation of the house to, for example, take advantage of natural light.
  • Consider how you’re going to collect the water from the rains
  • And finally, make it a home financially Profitable.

Choose sustainability!

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