The green cover, the new sustainable initiative

What is a green cover?

A green roof is that roof of a building that is composed of living plant elements, for example, a roof with plants inside pots would not be considered as a green roof because it would not be an integral part of the system.

The scarcity of green spaces and high temperatures are some of the problems in urban growth in cities. The incorporation of the green roof in the buildings has become an excellent measure to improve the scarcity of green spaces such as high temperatures, and it is a sustainable measure that is being applied both in the new construction and in the rehabilitation of old buildings.

The green roof reproduces nature on the roofs of buildings, have become a very important component in sustainable urban development.

Currently this type of roofs can be found in almost every major city in the world. This system protects buildings, accumulating heat in winter and protecting them from solar radiation during the warmer months of the year. The green roof is designed not only to reintroduce the natural element into the urban environment but for example to solve stormwater among other problems.


In Europe, exactly in Switzerland, it is mandatory to include green roofs in all newly built buildings.

In the Copenhagen case has passed a law requiring all owners of newly built buildings to have some sort of vegetation on rooftops with the aim of achieving efficiency environmental conditions, an adaptation has also been initiated in the oldest buildings Copenhagen has about 20,000 m2 of rooftops where this new sustainable development can be implemented.

In the case of Spain it is no different, in Barcelona they have already taken action. Being 67% of the roofs of Barcelona buildings susceptible to welcome and install green roofs on the roofs. The town hall is promoting the city’s roofs from becoming green space as well as becoming community spaces.

And you, are you in favor of the new construction having a green roof? And that the old construction implants this new type of cover? Would you like to living in a building with a green roof?

Another very good sustainable initiative is to implement an urban garden on the roof,which in addition to being able to grow your own fruits and vegetables also contributes to protecting buildings and the environment.

Very soon we will tell you all the benefits of implanting green roofs in buildings.

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