What is our greatest differentiation in sustainability?

Last Tuesday the 2nd we had our second Webinar, this time in Spanish, where doubts arose as What is our greatest differentiation in sustainability? What are our expansion or growth plans? And, moreover, we were explaining, both to new investors and to those who wanted to solve their doubts about designable and how we work, why we are a safe option to invest in, in addition to an impact startup,which aims to be disruptive and make a difference ecologically within a global and growing market such as real estate; all this by developing a technology that creates buildings in a whole new way and being environmentally responsible,putting the customer at the center of the process.

We were also able to clarify the main reasons why our way of creating buildings is solving the two most important problems the industry is facing currently: on the one hand, the fact that we can build buildings with a footprint zero carbon and, on the other, why almost no company currently can offer customer’s ability to personalize one of the most important and important purchases emotional in a person’s life: their home.

In addition, new and interesting issues also emerged that we discuss, as far as possible, to resolve and enjoy doing so! Among them, some of the ones we liked the most were:

What are our expansion or growth plans?

2015 – 2020: Valencia

In 2018 we delivered our first building and, in this year 2020, we have a building under construction, in addition to three buildings more planned for later this year. The first of them almost sold in full, the second will be released this June and the third is scheduled for the fourth quarter of the same year.

2021 – 2024: Spain

we have planned our expansion for the rest of Spain with our first building Madrid and, subsequently, we will continue with 40 more buildings in the 7 Spain’s major cities, including Barcelona, Seville and Malaga, with the to increase our revenue by more than 150 each year and accumulate more than 40 million signed revenue.

2024 – 2028: Europe

In 2019 we were selected by the International Government Department of UK as one of the top 100 European Impact Startups to aim for to speed things up so that Designable reaches the UK.

By this, we’re currently working on it so you can get there you to meet demand and, as a pre-crossing step to the ocean. On the other hand, we plan to jump abroad to countries where we know that we have demand, such as Portugal, France; Germany and Italy.

What is our greatest differentiation in sustainability?

Differentiation in sustainability. Application to personalize your home.
Make homes, not co2
Differentiation in sustainability

At designable we believe that houses should play a key role in protect the environment; therefore, and based on technology, we create sustainable buildings in the center of cities, promoting a Zero CO2 lifestyle and costing less than 10 to a traditional home.

Therefore, a great differentiation in sustainability of our company is based on the creation of buildings that do not produce a carbon footprint, with a large investment in insulation, which makes them considerably more efficient in energy demand.

In addition, they use a combination of renewable energy that covers 100 of the building’s energy demand.

On the other hand, we make it possible for more people to live in the city center since our buildings are 10 more affordable than other options.

Therefore, we help to reduce the use of the car of customers living in our homes, in addition to the GHG, known as Greenhouse Gas, which is the gas that absorbs and emits radiant energy within the infrared thermal range. These Greenhouse gases cause the Greenhouse Effect, and the primary gases within our atmosphere are water vapour, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and ozone.

Without these gases, the temperature of the earth’s surface would be around -18oC, instead of the current 15oC.

These are some of the reasons why we are one of the best European companies that are part of European Green Deal and UN 11 SDG, due to our initiative in the transformation of the Real Estate and in the cities, helping to reduce greenhouse gas in them, and with the aim of being able to eliminate it by 2050.

Finally, let’s leave the full webinar video below, so you don’t miss anything!

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