What is a self-sufficient house?

A house self-sufficient is one that either consumes as little energy as possible or does not need of any energy source to meet the needs of people who dwell on it, that is, they do not depend on any of the energies Renewable.

A self-sufficient house doesn’t mean it does or is also an eco-friendly house.

What is an eco-friendly house?

An ecological house is that house that uses or takes advantage of natural resources such as the sun, the land… and that respects the environment both at the time of the construction of the house itself and once completed.

Build an eco-friendly house Self reliant

All houses or houses built during these last years should be or should be to try to be ecological and self-sufficient. Is true that building a house of these features requires a higher initial investment than a conventional home. This initial investment would be amortization over a period of between 5 and 10 years as the daily savings we get into a house that’s disconnected from any supply that can having a home is so big, that that initial investment would be amortized to years.

The first thing you have to consider building a self-sufficient eco-friendly house is reduce consumption before generating energy, i.e. if we want to reduce consumption of heating does not mean that we have to go cold but that we must heat the house through a bioclimatic architecture design, that is, capturing sunlight and store heat inside.

The goal of one of self-sufficient ecological houses is to make the most of the resources offered by the environment in which we are.

Resources offered by the environment:


Water is one of the essential elements to live in self-sufficient ecological houses.

The collection of water is made through the deck of the house, so that the water falls then to a deposit and then be able to use it.

You have to make sure make it a deposit big enough to build up water so over the years as there are times of the year when the rain is scarcer. So that the water tank does not take away space in the house itself, it is you can build on the depths of the terrain.

This collection of water must go through a leak because from when we collect the water until we used can take months. It will also be important to make two deposits one for drinking water and personal grooming and one for example for the use of the toilet …

Once picked up water, how can we use it?

For drinking, for personal grooming, to water our own orchard, for the toilet, to wash clothes…

The land of the environment.

Well it’s true that underground a large amount of energy is stored in the form of heat. In the old way, buried houses were built that protected people from the heat in summer and the cold in winter.

How can we harness the energy beneath the earth?

To heat the home, heat the air, grow our own food…

Do you want to know how you can create an urban garden on the roof of the building?

The air and the wind.

The air also helps make our homes greener and more self-sufficient.

How can we use the air?

We can use the air to renew the air of the households as it is important to get rid of CO2 and other pollutants to have fresh, clean air at home.

Officially this estimate that you need to renew the air for every 30m2 per person per hour, this helps the air to be less charged and to ventilate the heat of the summer homes.

The air also can be used to generate electricity through turbines or wind turbines. In recent years, they have smaller mills were released to the market with the aim of install them in the homes themselves as a fireplace on the deck of the they connect similarly to solar panels.

You can also get water from the air, how? Through generators that are able to condense the air and get water, so that you understand it better, it is the same thing that happens a cold night when the dew appears.

Take advantage of the sun.

Another factors to build self-sufficient eco-houses is to take advantage of the sun directly or indirectly. How?

Taking advantage of sunlight, the main source of life that the sun brings us directly, it is important that all the rooms of the home receive natural light during the day, will be a way to warm the home so that we will reduce the consumption of the heating. It is important to orient the rooms according to their use.

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