Join up.

  • 01. You will have flexible schedule so that you reconcile with your personal life, without explanations.
  • 02. You will enjoy the Free Friday , so that you can take advantage of them where and how you want (resting or working).
  • 03. You will only have to be available to your colleagues Monday to Thursday from 9am to 5pm , the rest is for you.
  • 04. There is total availability for telecommute from wherever you want the days that best suit you, without prior warnings.
  • 05. In addition to official holidays, we establish 21 business days vacation per year, chosen to your liking.
  • 06. We give you the Free Birthday Day. (Bring the leftover cake the next day!).
  • 07. We are in the Coworking Wayco Ruzafa , so you will have access to the best events in the city, international networking, etc.
  • 08. We want you to grow with us, that’s why we have budget for you to continue training .
  • 09. You will be able to choose your work environment ( Mac or PC ) and you will have the programs and tools you need.
  • 10. We work digitally and you will have the clouds and all the programs of Adobe and Office 365 .
  • eleven. We apply a policy of fairness and transparency where all people of the same rank enjoy the same working and salary conditions.
  • 12+ We have events of Teambuilding, Welcome Pack and much more!

Tell us your information, the position you want to join and attach your CV in pdf format .
Thank you!