A Team Building with Sustainable Impact

Team Building

Our first Team Building in Designable!

A Team Building with Sustainable Impact

Last Friday we enjoyed the Mar de Fulles hotel to carry out different activities of Team Building,a privileged place that also presents a very interesting project.

We wanted to strengthen our working relationships in an external and totally natural field, as well as to learn an inspiring project for our future self-sufficient buildings. It was a perfect match!

Do you know why we chose Fulles Sea for our Team Building?

Because it goes in line with our values of sustainability and respect for the environment. The venue is an ‘unprecedented ecotourism complex in Spain’. So, read on for its impressive performance.

Mar de Fulles is born from a nature-loving couple destined for nature lovers, Juanma and Majo. This resort is focused on those most aware of the environment and the need to make a change in their lifestyle.

For Designable, as a company focused on the creation of customized and sustainable buildings in cities, Sea of Fulles is a boost and a demonstration that it is possible to lead a sustainable lifestyle in our day to day and, above all, to live in a self-sufficient way.

From our point of view, our homes must be environmentally responsible for this, we currently contribute in various aspects:

  • We increase the quality of insulation and implement renewable energies until we achieve zero energy consumption in our buildings.
  • We use zero carbon footprint materials and prefabrication systems to reduce CO2 emissions during construction.
  • We create a quality alternative to live in the city center, surrounded by services, which helps people reduce car use on a day-to-day life.

Example that it is possible to live sustainably

You can do it! This complex is an example of this as:

A Team Building with Sustainable Impact
  1. Its bioclimatic facilities supply a large restaurant (with capacity for more than 100 people) with stunning views and a hotel with 10 rooms.
  2. It has its own organic garden with which they grow the products they use later in their kitchen.
  3. It has its own photovoltaic installation to supply all the electrical needs of the hotel. This power is not connected to the grid, and is supported by batteries, so the energy it generates is 100% clean.

It was love at first sight! The Juanma y Majo project is an example ofself-sufficiency and sustainability,from its construction to its day-to-day operation.

Positive impact, I like it!

The entire project is built of wood, lime and thermosarcilla; becoming the first 100% self-sufficient hotel in Europe.

It works almost entirely with solar energy, energy efficient lighting and thanks to the water of its own well. This not only protects the environment around you, but also those who work there!

When they started this project, they planted 40,000 cork oaks to offset the Co2 emissions that occurred when it was built.

In addition, the roads surrounding the hotel’s surroundings were made with peak and hoe, without mechanical means; integrating in this way the building into the orography of the mountain.

Team Building

For all this reason, this self-sufficient complex was awarded since its opening in 2016 as the best initiative in the field of renewable energy and the collaborative economy by Citizenergy.

No doubt, there was no better choice than this to enjoy a different day ????

And you, do you already know what our greatest differentiation is in sustainability?