When it comes to choose the distribution of your kitchen, just like the rest of the stays of your home, you can take into account the trends of the moment, but, the decoration of this part of the house becomes more relevant if we consider factors such as the usefulness and practicality of distribution and furniture, so it is advisable that this is always chosen in favour ease of cooking and cleaning, as well as sensitivity Ecological.

Taking into account account for these factors, then we bring you some ideas to choose from the more efficient distribution for your kitchen, taking into account the different areas that form it and its profits.

The more relevant features to make your kitchen the ideal kitchen would be, fundamentally, the amplitude and luminosity of this.

Therefore, to optimize the usefulness of the different work areas, it is important to take into account this simple method.

Working Triangle

This division is frequently used by professionals when designing kitchens and is divided into three distinct and triangle-shaped work areas, which are the washing area (sink, dishwasher…), the storage area (refrigerator, pantry…) and the cooking area (oven, microwave, ceramic hob…).

From this triangle, it is important to know that, according to the experts and for its usefulness optimal, the sum of all sides should not exceed 8 meters; So what individually its sides are not less than approximately 1.20 metres, so that facilitate work in different areas.

This triangle-shaped distribution can be taken into account in the various types of kitchens: U-shaped, L-shaped, parallel, island or online.

On the other hand as for the kitchen furniture according to the type of kitchen, we can distinguish:

  • For U-shaped kitchens: this distribution will be suitable for square kitchens and the placement of your furniture along the countertop will be, on the one hand, the bar area or countertop, and on the other the sink and stove area.
  • For L-shaped kitchens: if this kitchen is a small size, it is recommends placing the dining table attached to the free wall, so it will makes better use of space.
  • For island kitchens: this distribution is best suited for large kitchens, as this way it will distributes the space better and means an extra work surface, as well as storage if this includes cabinets and drawers.
  • For online kitchens: in this type of kitchen the recommendation is that the furniture be a line of uniform cupboards light-colored, this gives a sense of widening stay. On the other hand, it is also advisable to place a table or bar with sidewalks on the opposite wall.

Next, let’s give you some ideas on how to distribute the furniture in the kitchen, from a point of view of practicality and maximum utility of the stay.

A good way to take advantage of the space of the corners of the furniture are the corner modules and columns with removable shelves, which we show you below:

In terms of aspects such as the design and color of the furniture, it is recommended that these be white or glass, as this provides light and enlarges space.

Regarding the order of cooking utensils, a good way is to equipping drawers with interior divisions so that they are grouped because of their typology and we can easily find them.

To recycle more easily and make it as comfortable as possible, it is helpful to implement recycling modules next to the sink, as you can see in the following image:

These are some of the factors we recommend you to consider when choosing and designing the distribution of your kitchen. We hope they will be of use to you!