International Clean Air Day

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Today is International Clean Air Day, a day that was decreed by the United Nations General Assembly meeting on 19 December 2019.

Pollution is currently the greatest environmental risk, both for the health of the human rights, such as animals and plants; and one of the main avoidable causes diseases and deaths in the world.

The Assembly UN General Assembly, as a resolution stresses the importance and need urgent need to raise public awareness of this problem, promoting actions that improve air quality and above all that slow down those that contaminate it.

In addition, this resolution highlights the celebration of this International Clean Air Day, participating in all UN Member States, organizations, international and regional bodies, and civil society.

It is also worth noting the current context of health crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it makes this International Clean Air Day play an even more important role in highlighting the urgency of curbing air pollution, benefiting the health of all and emphasizing the need to achieve sustainability at the individual, national and global levels.

What are the main causes of pollution Atmospheric?

One of the the main problems faced by human beings is the survival of the species, due to pollution the Earth is gradually being Devastated.

Pollution is caused by the presence in the atmosphere of substances that pose a danger to the environment and to living things.

This accumulation of gases in the atmosphere has led to cracks or cracks in the ozone layer, which has generated other notable phenomena climate change and global warming.

As for the causes of these gases or substances, we find, among others:


Pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers and other chemicals are used for the cultivation of food, which causes great damage to the soils in which it is grown and causes the accumulation of this type of gases in the air. Therefore, there are currently alternatives such as organic crops, which do not use these pesticides and are free of any chemicals, as well as being healthier for people.


The relentless increase in factories and the massive consumption of are another cause of air pollution, due to the increase in demand for items, are mass-produced, and this causes more harmful gases and negative effects for the planet.

Mining extractions

Because much of the minerals we use are obtained through chemicals and heavy machinery use, dust and gas air is contaminated with this; and this extraction largely results in irreparable damage to the environments in which it works.


In order to sow plant species, a large number of forest areas are cut down and reduced, making it difficult for harmful airs circulating and polluting to be neutralized and this air cleaned by trees.

Fuel burning

Because the means of transport we use burn a large amount of fuel and it is converted into gas, this gas is breathed by people, animals and plants, seriously harming their health.

How can we help slow her down?

As already we know the solutions to be able to eliminate air pollution must come from global institutions and governments, but, in turn, citizens we can support this cause with various actions, such as:

Reusing and extending the lifespan of objects

This measure manages to consume less and therefore significantly reduce production, which is so polluting to the environment. This action invites you to use creativity, looking for a second life for those objects that we no longer use.

Recycling materials and waste

This also avoids the demand for items and the production of new units, greatly curbing the environmental impact.

Alternative means of transport

Such as the bike or scooter in place of motor vehicles, and they do not pollute the environment.

Responsible consumption

By adopting responsible consumption habits such as buying fair trade products or saving on energy consumption, it is possible to ensure that our consumption has the least impact on the planet and on living things.

Menus with vegetarian dishes

Despite not being vegetarians, it is possible, from time to time, to eat foods that only come from the earth. Because livestock is closely related to greenhouse gas emissions, 14% of greenhouse gases are due to this activity. It is very useful, therefore, to try vegetarian recipes in such a way that we contribute to reduce this data.

Looking at the fresh foods we eat and what kind of crop they’ve had

Organic farming prevents the use of chemicals, protects soils and respects natural growth cycles, thus taking care of the planet and our health.

Planting an urban orchard

In it we can grow our own food more naturally and without altering natural growth cycles. In this way we can have the food that we want at our fingertips and free of pesticides.

Paying attention to the labels of the clothes we buy

There are sustainable garment options that use organic natural fibres or recycled materials.

Thanks to small actions like these you can help reduce air pollution and clean up the air of the planet, you join? Want to know other tips for living a more sustainable lifestyle?