Is your home really YOUR HOME?

tu casa

This situation confinement is entirely new to all and, of course, has there have been a number of considerable changes in the way we live in the day by day.

Now that we spend all our time at home and that the departures are counted and are made to buy food, medicines or, in case of the most indispensable professions, to go to work; we are re-discovering our homes and, in extension, our buildings and neighboring communities.

This quarantine may also have made you rediscover your home and, in the best cases, fall in love with it. You may be giving thanks that, the day you chose her, you decided it was important to have an office to work with, a terrace to take the air in or friendly neighbors to chat with for a while. It is now when you consider the quality of your decisions when choosing your home.

But, at worst of the cases, you may have discovered that in its day there were certain things that did not you took into consideration or, perhaps, that after this historic moment that we are living, your priorities inside your home have changed.

It’s also possible that while your decisions regarding the distribution of your home today are enlivening your quarantine hours, your building’s neighborhood community may not be so much.

Today there are many neighbors concerned and upset about the constant noises that occur in their community, day after day and out of hours. But, given the situation we are currently in, the authorities are likely not to address the claims regarding these facts unless they are really serious.

Therefore, the current confinement situation forces us, in a way, to be more patient with those noises that our neighbors may provoke, since the circumstance is exceptional.

On the other hand, another of the great concerns of users is cleaning and breakdowns in common areas, because during this quarantine these activities have been reduced and, if, for example, the elevator were to be broken, it would have to remain sealed for a few weeks, which would make it difficult for the elderly, disabled, or simply to climb home purchases.

In the case of cleaning common areas, this is of great importance, as it is the place that separates our houses from the outside. A place very frequented and that needs a disinfection daily, as it can be a focus of transmission of the virus.

With all this, it reveals the importance of your home being yours and, in some cases, new needs born of confinement for the greatest enjoyment and comfort of the home.

It’s likely that when choosing your home at the time, you don’t repair factors like the neighborhood, common areas or even parts of your home that you’re now missing during confinement.

Also, the communityfactor is greatly valued these days, as we are seeing in many volunteer buildings by neighbors to make the purchase, help in any need or even have a friendly window-to-window chat. With all this we realize that perhaps that feeling of community with our neighbors, is not something expendable and has great relevance, since it can make us day to day a little more pleasant.

And how are you living this confinement in your house? Is your house really your home? And if not, do you already know the designable philosophy?