As we have discussed in previous posts, this health crisis is going to bring about major changes in our lifestyle and preferences.

But, another important factor that is resurfing due to this state of global confinement and that is being another major concern of people these days is sustainability.

In these 47 days of confinement we have become deeper, our values have changed towards more important, less superficial and banal things; and this new way of thinking has also moved to what we buy.

How will we consume after Coronavirus?

For this reason, we now pay special attention to what we consume and to whom we buy it, that is, we are concerned to see where it comes from and the values and principles that the company that sells itto us has.

This has led to a turning point in the relationship between brands and people, because, among other things, users from their homes are seeing how brands behave in the face of the crisis situation we are experiencing, seeing what they contribute and how they help, and identifying those that have been left behind in these weeks.

In addition, according to the article The Economist on Consumption After Coronavirus, consumers are expected to make purchases by increasingly aware of the duration and usability of the product; highlighting also the fact that the company has a policy and sustainable and environmentally conscious approaches. In conclusion, investments will be made that ‘add value to society and are fundamentally sustainable over time’.

Change in our lifestyle

Another factor interesting to highlight and that we have tried before is the ,which has been of greater importance to factors such as family and the place where we lived with her. This fact gives great relevance how we choose where to live and the priorities we have within our house, that is, that things inside our home make our day to day easier and bearable.

In terms of factors such as technology,it becomes very important, because these days it has been the main means in all homes, to work, to communicate with our loved ones, to make online purchases and even as a means of entertainment. But, looking ahead, this factor will also involve the transformation of organizations,because it gives the possibility to include more the client in the process,that is, the creation of a more collaborative form of communication and mission.

That’s why we can see that the technological momentum behind this crisis will be faster and that we will have to keep in mind that, according to The Economist article: “the best technology is not the most sophisticated, but one that simplifies and improves people’s lives.”

With all this we can see that, after this global crisis, changes in our behaviors and values will be substantial, and that these changes will, on the part of all, be a special attention to the use of technology, both to relate to our loved ones and to the brands we consume; a great relevance of the social responsibility of these marks and their response to the situation, during and especially after the crisis; and finally a huge consideration about our homes, our priorities within it and also the time we spend with our loved ones.

And you, what new values, behaviors and needs have you discovered in this crisis? What about your family? Is your house really your HOUSE?