Needless to say, the impact that coronavirus is having on our lifestyle from the moment the alarm state and consequent confinement was decreed. But what needs have been born within our homes that will endure after quarantine?

New needs within the home

In the latter month we have been able to see, both through the media and, above all, social media, as this confinement situation has boosted, largely, the creativity of people inside the house.

We have been able to see how people have developed their culinary skills, in some unknown cases; his artistic skills: from dyeing a tie dye t-shirt to rescuing those forgotten watercolors and painting; going through workouts at home, where milk bricks have become makeshift weights.

On the other hand needs have been created within the home that we didn’t have before or that we could do without.

Teleworking has created the need for a noise sandbox where you can concentrate and work comfortably, as much as possible.

Likewise, the need to take the air and clear a little of the enclosed environment inside the house, has also made those who do not have a terrace, throw it much more in the absence these days.

But there are new needs within the home that may not seem so obvious to the naked eye; aspects like a house with sound insulation,a efficient energy consumption oreven a intelligent system at home,things that previously, not spending so much time at home, had not been valued as much,

There are many individuals who, these days, find their neighbors more annoying and noisy. This change in our routine has also changed our schedules and the things we spend time on throughout the day, in addition to the fact that now the little ones spend all their time at home and these tend to make more noise than the older ones. It is therefore important that, as far as possible, we all take into account the usual schedules and circumstances of our neighbours, as there may be sick or elderly people who need a longer rest.

Even so, it is always advisable to have a good sound insulation for any type of noise that may disturb us, such as works or even rain or wind, which can be more annoying when it comes to having a good rest.

Clergy Building, Designable

Feeling of community

It has also been latent fact the need to relate and have a good environment with the community of neighbors, something that was previously tried to avoid at all costs, now makes us see clearly that a good relationship in the neighborhood makes the day more bearable to day and can even help us in times of difficulty, with initiatives such as to bring the purchase home to the elderly or anyone who needs it.

We can see, by so much so that this confinement situation has generated us needs that we may continue to retain in hinds back, and that we will have very when looking for a new home.

Factors such as house stays, isolation or the neighborhood are noted on these quarantine days, as well as the proximity and easy access to necessities. Therefore, this situation discovers once again the importance of taking these factors into account when choosing our house, so that it makes our daily life easier and more bearable.

And you, what new needs have you discovered at home during confinement? Do you know home automation and its benefits?