Save on your energy consumption with these simple steps!

consumo energético

In the middle of winter light bills skyrocket and, considering the fact that Spain is among the countries that has increased its energy bill the most in over the past few years, it is important to take some steps to save energy consumption.

For this reason, here are a few tips so you can reduce your cost of your electricity and gas bill this winter.

Saving energy in heating

Taking into account experts say the temperature of comfort in the months of winter is between 20 and 23 degrees; a way to keep it inside your home could be via digital thermostats. These devices are are responsible for regulating the temperature of the house by maintaining the temperature you have previously preselected, so that the house stays at a pleasant temperature and preventing sudden changes in temperature.

On the other hand good isolation is also important in the home, as it will allow us to take advantage of the heat generated by using the heating, without heating Escape.

As for the Currently, the underfloor heating is noteworthy, which implies low consumption and high performance. In addition it is worth noting that this system generally uses renewable energies such as aerothermal or geothermal, which makes this heating system one of those most environmentally responsible.

Reduces consumption in your kitchen

It’s easy to do a cheaper use of kitchen appliances if you consider these tips:

First of all use the microwave whenever you can, as long as its energy labelling is type A, it will use much less energy than the conventional furnace and it also has the ability to cook a lot of food, just you have to explore all its functions!

On the other hand if you’re going to use the oven, avoid opening it while it’s running, as it this lowers the temperature and forces it to use more energy.

As for the use washing machines and dishwashers, should be activated during the valley period within of the hourly discrimination rate,which includes mostly the hours of the night and the early morning, and it is a consumption lower economic costs.

Rationalize your water consumption

You don’t have to say how important it is not to leave taps open unnecessarily, such as brushing our teeth or shaving, but there are also other small actions to take at home and that reduce water consumption.

Another possible measure to decrease water consumption is to install a flow reducer, which consists of a device that is placed in the mouth of the faucets and serves to reduce the amount of water coming out of these.

Controls the light consumption

Finally, regarding the general light rate, it is worth taking into account various Factors.

On the one hand, it’s make the most of natural light, but, for the hours this is not possible (most in winter), you can replace your bulbs by energy-efficient bulbs or LED lights.

In addition, if you have children at home, you might want to install a presence detector system, so that the lights are only activated when it’s Necessary.

On the other hand remember to disconnect those devices you’re not using, as the mode Stand by is one of the most consumed without realizing it. One way to do this is easier to use strips, so that all the gadgets at once.

Do you want to know some tips for having efficient lighting at home?