All the keys to understanding the Madrid 2019 Climate Summit

After Chilean executive Sebastián Piñera refused to hold La Cumbre del Clima in his country due to the crisis they are going through, the city of Madrid has been in charge of hosting the event of the year, although it is still held under the Chilean presidency. This year the aim is to make effective the Paris Agreement signed in 2015 and which was concluded under the slogan “Time to act”.

The Climate Summit is held at the Madrid Fair, IFEMA, from the 2nd to the 13th of December. They have prepared up to 100,000 square meters of surface in addition to 10,000 square meters of additional space to collect different areas. The “Blue Zone”, where the United Nations negotiations and the “Green Zone” will take place, aimed at the participation of civil society.

The key days of La Cumbre del Clima are, on December 2nd, where the opening ceremony will begin in which there will be a round table with the different world leaders and chaired by Pedro Sánchez. On 10 and 11 December in which there will be negotiations between the ministers of different countries and on 12 and 13 December, where there will be conference closings.

This year’s Climate Summit is hosting its twenty-fifth edition organized by the Conference of the Parties or what is the same COP. A United Nations body, held every year since 1995. In 1997 it was held in Japan, where a reduction in emissions of 5% was agreed in addition to the Paris agreement in 2015 in which it was signed to limit the temperature increase to a maximum of 2oC.

This year’s goal is for the countries involved to commit, agree and establish obligations for all nations involved to combat climate change.

The Climate Summit is expected to host more than 20,000 people, including 1,500 young people, 50 heads of state and government, as well as young activist Greta Thunberg, who is currently crossing the Atlantic Ocean on a catamaran from Virginia. U.S.), when refusing to travel by plane due to the high impact of greenhouse gas emissions from air travel.

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