Yes, we know that this quarantine is getting a little long, but… we have good news!

The European Space Agency has recently revealed images showing us the great decline in nitrogen dioxide concentration between January and March in northern Italy.

Image of the Copernicus Sentinel-5P satellite. (ESA)

Due to the current pandemic in which we find ourselves and the consequent confinement decreed by the countries most affected, industrial activity and the movement of vehicles in them have been significantly reduced. This fact is leaving, albeit to a lesser extent, positive effects on the environment and human health.

Some data provided by the European Space Agency satellite reveals that, in Chinaalone, CO2 emissions had been reduced by 25. It should be noted that this reduction in China’s CO2 emissions amounts to a 6 reduction globally.

In addition, a significant decrease in the concentration of polluting gases, such as nitrogen dioxide, was also appreciated inItaly.

Thanks to this satellite, ESA has been able to track pollution caused by people, such as emissions from car exhaust pipes or increased electricity generation. This is why, due to current movement restrictions in cities almost all over the world, the closure of factories and companies or the decline in energy use; have resulted in a positive decline in nitrogen and dioxide emissions.

Specifically, in our country, in the city of Madrid pollution has fallen by 35 in just one week.

It is important to mention, on the other hand, that, in our country alone, air pollution causes 16,000 deaths per year,according to data on the quality of the autonomous air.

On the other hand, it is worth noting the importance of the weather situation for the cleanliness and purification of air, which has been beneficial, since heavy rains, storms and wind gusts also contribute to the improvement of air quality in the city.

It should also be noted that the closure of schools, the telework that most companies are carrying out and the reduction of travel, for example by car; In addition to cancelling events and festivities such as Las Fallas, they could be a major improvement on air quality across our country.

It should be emphasized that this data will not last longer than the pandemic confinement can last, which does not provide a great solution for climate change, but if it gives us useful data to demonstrate, once again, the human effect and the most polluting emissions, such as industry and traffic in this global warming.

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