Every day that passes we are a little more aware of the importance of making our planet, a healthy planet. To do this, in this post, we want to make known some of the most common ecological means of transport with which we can move perfectly around the city and also without polluting the city in which we live. Do you feel like it?.

It is undeniable that the use of public transport, the use of bicycles or any other electric vehicle that does not contaminate the environment or that does about polluting less is increasingly encouraged. And climate change is increasingly present in our lives.

We have gone from the summers of the three months just to summers that last until November, hot Christmases, the beginning of the cold that has passed the month of November and either there is very heavy rain or does not rain all year round… What is going on?

For this and for many other causes, it is imperative that we become aware of the importance of climate change. What better than to leave behind the vehicles that pollute to give way to those ecological means of transport that do not pollute and that also help us move freely around the city.

Electric vehicles. 

The electric vehicle is one of the best options among the different ecological means of transport that help not to pollute, in case you have to leave the city. In this case we are talking about the electric car or an electric motorcycle. And in the case of moving around the city, electric scooters or bicycles. These latest options are certainly the best option to move around the city.

There is either the option to buy it or the option to rent them. More and more companies are operating this type of service. To use it you just have to take it, activate it behind an app and launch. Very simple!

It is a very demanded service because you avoid having your own vehicle, therefore, in the case of electric car or motorbikes, you would save the expense of insurance, the expense of charging it… that is, all the fixed costs involved in a vehicle and more of those characteristics and in the case of the scooter or bicycle, it would not be necessary to have one of its own. In addition to contributing to the environment, it is not a great expense.

Did you think it would mean that we all use any of these means of transport?

Bicycles and scooters.

Do you think it is possible to tour the city by bike or skateboard? Why not?

In many cities we see how daily people travel around the city both by bike and by scooter, either to go out for a drink with friends, to go to work or go to study every day. Undoubtedly, it turns out to be students’ favorite vehicle, fast and zero-spending.

This movement began a few years ago, without the option of being bicycles or electric scooters, and it was already a big change. Of course, it is the best option to contribute to living in a city without pollution.

For example, if you walk around Madrid, you will find the option to rent regular bicycles, as well as electric bikes, to be able to tour the whole city.

Normal bikes are a good option, but surely when you get to your destination you need a shower. Maybe it’s a little awkward to go to work. This is where the game of electric bikes comes in, with which you drive just as well but more comfortably.

Public transport.

Public transport is not the option that most helps not to pollute because it does need the gasoline to operate, but it is true that if we all use public transport and did not take our vehicles, we would not pollute so much, since we share a vehicle. It’s a way to reduce CO2 emissions and move around the city in a greener way.

For example, large cities such as Valencia or Madrid, have public transport systems such as the train, the metro, the buses both inside the city and to leave the city, taxis…

If each of the people who travel alone in their vehicles were to get on one of these public transports, CO2 emissions would be visibly reduced.

Public transport becomes the social claim that shows the commitment to the environment.

If each of us used one of these ecological means of transport on a regular basis, we would live in a cleaner, less polluted world. Are you joining this movement?

Could you live without a car in the city?

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