More and more people are choosing to live a more ecological and healthy life, but what exactly does it mean to live ecologically?

Living ecologically goes much further than changing the use of plastic to glass and moving to “eco” labels. It’s about this and making a lifestyle change, a change in the way we live.

It should not be forgotten that houses built with sustainable materials, which have an installation of solar panels and that have systems to live in a more efficient way, are only the basis to be a healthy and sustainable house. This is a starting point to live in a more ecological way. It is the habits of each one who mark that lifestyle, are the ones that make the difference.

How can we live in a greener way?

In this post, you will find 10 tips to live ecologically.

Living with less and becoming aware of waste

The planet can’t keep up with our consumption, so we have to try to consume what we really need and, of course, reuse more.

Buy the food we’re really going to eat and become aware of waste so we don’t throw away food. The best trick, make a shopping list with what you need.

With living with less and becoming aware of waste we mean not only in food but clothing, home furnishings… what we buy on a daily basis, we have to give more value to what we have.

The second tip to live ecologically is…

Think of your pantry

Buy in bulk and they are local products and also from local and well-known suppliers. He thinks that if the product comes from afar the carbon footprint of the transport is very large.

It is important to eat fresh, seasonal foods and if they are organic, better. Do not abuse the consumption of processed and animal protein. If we want our food to be based on sustainability we can not eat animal protein every day.

Install an urban orchard on the balcony

Haven’t you ever thought about growing your own fruits and vegetables? It’s the best way to consume what you really have and need. This would be another trick to live ecologically. If you do not have much space you can always opt for the vertical orchards that will also allow you to grow organic plants and fruits, they are a great solution. But, with the permission of your neighbors, you can always create an urban garden on the roof of the building.

Go to the glass

Use glass bottles, tappers and jars, never glass and you can also use them in stainless steel. Glass is a material with a huge life cycle. Never fill plastic bottles, put hot food, or heat a plastic bottle.

Another option is to have filtered water at home and refill the glass bottles.

Don’t forget! never leave the containers in the sun.

Another of the tips to live in a more ecological and sustainable way is…

Having a closet with what you really wear. 

Before buying clothes you should look at where it is manufactured and the fibers they have used and of course, in the toxic ones. It’s not just having what you need and throwing away what you don’t wear, but giving them second uses, whether it’s selling it, fixing it or exchanging it with someone who may need it.

Soaps, shampoos and organic creams and if they are vegan better than better

Most of the products we use leave waste either in ourselves or on land. We must try to know the compositions of each of the products we use and also reuse the packaging and buy by weight if possible.

Take care of the energy we use

Some of the tips we can give you about the correct use of energy are… Swap the bulbs for LED bulbs, do not leave chargers or appliances focused on the light and less if they have the red light on. Having the windows sealed but the heating or air conditioning escapes.

Would you like to know more energy-saving tips at home?

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