Tricks to be more sustainable, starting with your kitchen!

cocina sostenible

It is likely that one of your purposes for the new year has been to lead a more sustainable, and the easiest way to start is in your day-to-day life, within House.

Today we bring you some tips and tricks to get you to lead a greener lifestyle in your kitchen.

The most simple to start changing your kitchen is changing your kitchen utensils,if you choose kitchen accessories made with sustainable materials like wood, cedar to be; organic cotton for napkins, rags or aprons; carbon steel for your cutlery or cellulose vegetable for the scouring. This way you’ll include more respectful materials with nature in the easiest and most practical way.

Another good way to improve the lifestyle in your kitchen is to include reusable bottles for The water. Glass bottles are toxic-free and don’t generate as much amount of waste, unlike plastic bottles.

On the other hand, as for the furniture inside your kitchen, an alternative to buying them is to restore antique furniture,whether yours or friends who want to get rid of them. This way you spend less money than buying new ones, and you give your kitchen a vintage touch.

As for recycling, you know it’s one of the most important and easy practices you can carry out in your kitchen, you just have to include different trash cans for every waste, you know this is one of the most important steps to lead a more environmentally conscious life.

Sustainable distribution

Regarding the distribution of your kitchen, it is important that the fridge is separated from the rest of the appliances,this is due to energy savings since, if the refrigerator is located next to the microwave or oven, the refrigerator you’ll need to generate more energy to stay cool.

If you have in your glass-ceramic stove or gas stove, we recommend that you replace it with induction plates, since it consumes much less energy, prepare food in much less time and turn off automatically when the pans are removed.

When it comes to buy new appliances, it is important to consider the A+++ label, as these save a lot more energy and are more respectful Environment.

Another way to consume less energy in your kitchen is through lighting, the use of LED bulbs lowers consumption by a large percentage, specifically by almost 90.

As for the pantry, there are more and more ecological alternatives in supermarkets, therefore, choose those products that do not come from far away, since the transport carbon footprint is high. In addition, it is important that meat or fish milk on a daily basis, animal protein abuse does not contributes to a sustainable lifestyle.

Responsible buying

If we take into account food waste, the best trick not to throw away food is to make a responsible purchase, that is, make a list of the real needs when going to the supermarket and, take into account the packaging of the products you buy, avoiding the unnecessary use of plastics; in addition to food labels, taking into account the provenance of food and their impact when discarding them.

Finally, as we have already recommended you in previous articles, it is important to include plants in the rooms of your house, in the kitchen as well, so that they purify space.

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