What do you ask of your house after confinement?

your home after confinement

How has the perception of your home changed after confinement? From teleworking to sports, our home has become the place where we have spent the most time and are passing… Therefore, it is easy to see that our house must adapt to our needs and allow us to be ourselves without limitations, as we say: rarities included!

What has become indispensable in your home after confinement?

The pandemic has made us questioning many aspects of our house, from dimensions to distribution, we have been able to see in many cases evidence: the house in which we live does not adapt to our needs and is that having been so long at home, it changes your priorities!

After confinement, some have discovered that their home is not really “their home”, and have decided to undertake a new personalized search where you can certainly not miss:

  • A balcony, terrace or patio,something very important to be able to clear, take the air and, while we are, some scratch sun.
  • Natural light!!! In some houses, because of their height, location or orientation this factor is rather scarce. Indispensable factor after confinement.
  • An office or work area,due to the new situation of telework or online classes. Important that this area of the house have good light, be well conditioned and be a place quiet where you can concentrate without any distraction.
  • The bathroom has also been important! In some houses has affected the number of bathrooms or the conditions of this, it’s time to give you more life and importance to these intimate spaces.

But, as we always say in Designable: if we are all different, why are our houses the same?

Something that needs to change…

In the case of some groups, the pandemic has proved even harder. For people with some kind disability or reduced mobility, confinement has been very Complicated.

Older people have been able to less to get out on the street and, with it, they have reduced their ability to carry out activities that maintain their physical condition and also contact with other people.

In the case of these groups we see the great importance of our house is customized with our needs and comfort and, aspects that weren’t previously of great concern to us, we are now have become essential.

New trends, Know?

The quality of life priorities offered by your home after confinement have completely changed, so homes with various characteristics will now be sought, including:

  • Large spaces,so that that favor factors such as ventilation and lighting.
  • It is will enhance the appearance of communal terraces in buildings, where to be able to go out and enjoy the outdoors.
  • It is strengthen the creation of urban orchards and playgrounds for children and older on these communal terraces.
  • Greater concern about sustainability and energy efficiency, dueto the increase in bill spending during confinement, families are now more aware of the need to improve factors such as thermal insulation.
  • Prioritize sound insulation,our house is not so well insulated from the noise (indoor and outdoor) as we would like, and this is a much-needed factor for our comfort at home.

The Covid 19 crisis has changed many aspects of our lives and our perception of what it really is importantly, but above all, it has accelerated the change in our needs and the conditions of our homes, giving more weight to comfort and adaptability you’re offering us.

And you, what new priorities do you have after confinement?

¿Qué le pides a tu casa a partir de ahora? Descubre nuestro Nuevo Edificio Palleter donde podrás disfrutar de:

  • Make your home however you want rarities included!
  • More natural light
  • Terraces, balconies or viewpoints, you choose!
  • Better insulation
  • Greater energy savings
  • More community
  • Exclusive services for neighbors
  • And so much more in our New Building 

Enjoy with us an urban lifestyle committed to the environment and always making your rarities the fundamental factor!