Yes, we know, quarantine is getting long and ideas for things to do at home to entertain you are over. No problem! Today we bring you a few things you can do during this confinement so that the hours pass a little faster.

The first thing is to be aware that staying at home is of great importance,it is not only an obligation that has been decreed, in addition implies, on the part of all, an act of civics and personal and collective responsibility.

Therefore, being responsible for our obligation to remain isolated at home, this does not have to be torture! Here’s a list of things to do, alone or accompanied, to enliven quarantine, aim!

Create a small home nursery (with available space)

The assembly and manufacture of this greenhouse is simple, besides that you can have more vegetables on hand and, if it is an ecological crop, this will provide us with vitamins and minerals without those pesticides that are used to grow the vegetables we buy.

Having a greenhouse at home, even if it is not large, guarantees the quality of the food we grow,since you supervise the process at all times.

Peeeero, if you don’t find yourself in the mood to ride it from start to finish, don’t worry! There are a variety of small nurseries that are sold online, and you can entertain yourself by seeing what you want to plant, water and take care of what you choose.

Meditate, practice yoga or pilates

Practicing these relaxation methods help to rest our mind, improve emotional stability,relax muscle tension and facilitate and improve sleep quality, among other things. Therefore, performing these practices can help us cope with these days of uncertainty.

Recover hobbies such as drawing, painting, photography or sewing

If you’ve been or are fond of any of these things, you now have more time than ever! It’s a perfect time to do those things you loved to do so much that you didn’t have time. Take your watercolors out of the drawer and boost your artistic side again!

Obviously, start watching tv shows, movies or documentaries

It’s time to sit down with your popcorn and watch all those movies, series and documentaries that you’ve been recommending and that you’ve postponed. Although you can also re-watch all your favorite movies, over time to appreciate and enjoy them. Remember that many platforms are giving free support during this quarantine, don’t miss it!

Read novels, poetry, fiction or biographies of historical characters

If you want to clear the view of so many screens, reading is your choice! Reading revitalizes your imagination, increases your vocabulary, increases concentration and… Lower your risk of Alzheimer’s! So, look for a book that you haven’t started at home, or download those you’ve been wanting to read for a while and have a good time immersed in their stories.

Learn and practice cooking recipes

I’m sure there are a lot of dishes that you love but that you have no idea how they are made, because it’s time to learn how to make them yourself! Take out your cooking recipes and start trying, don’t be in a hurry or frustrated if you don’t get out, there’s plenty of time to perfect the technique. Who knows, maybe we find a new chef among us!

Write a diary of what we’re living

We are living a historical moment, so if you write every day as the situation unfolds, both personally, nationally and globally, you will have a real testimony about this moment of history,something that your great-great-grandchildren will read!

Learn or refresh a language

There’s plenty of time! Maybe it’s time to refresh that language that we have a little rusty, or even learn a new one! Don’t limit yourself! Start to know that language you’ve always wanted to learn and blow everyone away. There are several applications that help you practice them!

Clean, organize and/or fix, taking advantage of to give those things that you no longer want

It’s time to rearrange that closet that you can hardly open, come on, you know there’s a lot of things you don’t use anymore, and there are people who need them! Get cleaned up a little bit and get rid of what’s just taking up space.

You can also repair or fix what you’ve broken and haven’t had time so far, get down to business!

Maintain physical activity… or at least get started!

If you’re a sportsman, don’t despair! There are plenty of ways to do sport inside the house and, in addition, a lot of platforms and personal trainers that follow at the foot of the canyon so you don’t lose your fitness during quarantine… then summer comes!

And well, if you’ve never done sports, it’s a good time to start, come on! Now you have no excuse.

Make your home more sustainable!

From starting to separate waste to reducing meat consumption. There are many ways to be greener at home! Want to know how to lead a sustainable lifestyle?