World Environment Education Day, take care of the planet!

environmental education

Did you know that today is World Environmental Education Day? We tell you what this day consists of and what exactly it celebrates.

World Environmental Education Day is celebrated every year on January 26th, with the aim of making citizens of the world more aware of the environmental problems that exist and that need to be tackled. We all want to live on a healthy planet!

But why January 26th?

This date of the World Day for Environmental Education goes back years ago, when the Declaration of the United Nations Conference on the Environment, held in Stockholm in 1972, gave special importance to the care of the planet. In addition to the need to implement common principles that would serve society as an inspiration and example to preserve it.

Years later, on 26 January 1975, the International Seminar on Environmental Education was held in Belgrade, in which more than 70 countries participated. The result of this seminar was the Belgrade Charter, which gathers all the fundamental demands on Environmental Education.

And what is being celebrated on this day?

The fundamental purpose of this World Environmental Education Day is to make everyone in the world understand the need for a change in our habits and lifestyles.

For this, it is important to acquire knowledge and values to be responsible and effective in the prevention of environmental problems that surround us every day, caused by factors such as the use of cars or the lack of recycling at home.

Due to the environmental damage caused by humans on our planet, it is important to improve our habits and avoid Climate Change, as well as the extinction of animals and plants.

What is Environmental Education?

Well, teaching from the respect for nature, using it as an educational resource, so that the appropriate behaviors that should be carried out in the environment and in our contact with it are shown.

Among the aspects that stand out we find understanding nature as an ecosystem with its own needs and not as an inexhaustible source of resources, we must respect it and not exploit it!

What are the objectives of Environmental Education?

  • Consciousness, so that we can acquire a greater sensitivity to the environment and the fact of acting on it.
  • Knowledge, through which we can acquire a basic understanding of the environment, the human presence in it and its responsibility.
  • Attitudes, containing positive social values and an interest in the environment that motivates us to actively participate in its protection and improvement.
  • Aptitudes that help solve current environmental problems and prevent future ones.
  • Evaluation, so that we are able to consider the measures to be taken to improve the environment, taking into account ecological, social, political and economic factors.
  • Participation in initiatives that develop our sense of responsibility and ensure that appropriate measures are taken to improve the environment. Some examples of this can be reflected in our daily lives and lifestyles, such as energy saving at home, waste recycling and renewable energies in our homes or buildings.

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