World Nature Day


Today is World Day Nature, if you didn’t know, was proclaimed on December 20, 2013, UN General Assembly,with the aim of to raise awareness of the value of caring for and maintaining wild fauna and flora.

The date was chosen on March because this day is the anniversary of the adoption of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora in 1973, which has a key role in protecting species international trade.

Impact of society on Nature

It is important to keep in mind this day to raise awareness of the impact that our style of life in the wild.

Human activities generate in nature some impacts such as pollution, global warming or the extinction of some animal species.

Some of the most relevant impacts are:

Air pollution

Greenhouse gas emissions and the large proliferation of the factories that generate it has made the air we breathe harmful, for plants and animals.

In addition, the mining or the combustion of hydrocarbons have also influenced hugely in this air pollution.

According to data from THE UN, there are more than 3 million deaths a year from related causes with air pollution.

An example of this is China, which reached almost 60 times the maximum limit of PM 2.5; this is the breathable particulate matter found in the atmosphere of urban centers in liquid or solid form.


This is due to the advances that have been made in medicine, which have helped to reduce the human mortality rate to a large extent, as a result of this is this overpopulation, which has led us to reach the almost 8 billion people on the planet.

On the other hand, and because of this overpopulation, we have been forced to populate areas of the planet that were formerly the ‘green lungs’, and it has led to deforestation and destruction of the animal habitats that populated them, as well as a depletion of non-renewable resources.

Excess waste

There is currently a serious difficulty in correctly managing the large amount of waste we produce every day.

Landfills are overcrowded and few still have recycling systems that help they use reusable materials.

Global warming

This notion is related to the amount of carbon dioxide we emit into the atmosphere. This CO2 has been greatly increased since the use of fossil fuels for machinery.

In addition to the pollution generated by cars, they also emit this carbon dioxide and others such as methane, producing the well-known greenhouse effect.

Extinction of animal species

There are a large number of endangered animal species, due to the lack of food and climatic conditions, in addition to the destruction of their habitat, due to causes such as fires.

Noise pollution

This type of pollution is not taken into account at present, but it affects a large number of people, especially in urban centres.

This is due to the traffic or works, which raise the maximum decibels to which it must be subjected the human ear. This type of contamination can largely affect the hearing system and is linked to cardiovascular or cardiovascular disease sleep disturbances.

Finally, we want to highlight some of the actions that can be taken to improve our environment. These include: reforestation, species protection, reduced pollution or protection of species.

But, if you’re still new to sustainability, you can start with something simpler… do you want to know some tricks to be more sustainable starting with your kitchen?