Would you like to be in tune with the planet or at least try? Today in the designable blog we want to talk about how to make our day to day more sustainable. Aim, it’s not mission impossible.

Gradually we become aware of the lifestyle we lead and the impact that the decisions we make have on the planet.

Stop shopping in the big supermarkets, do not throw anything on the ground no less, stop taking the car or motorbike so often and start taking public transport or because not, walk to the sites. They are small gestures that make our lives more sustainable. Want to know what to do to introduce sustainability to your day-to-day life? Here we go!

A sustainable lifestyle at home

  • Do you like plants? Start them. Not only do they bring harmony to your home, but they reinforce the connection with the environment and the environment.
  • Recycle! It uses a trash can for each waste (organic, inorganic and recyclable products such as paper, plastic…). Another way to recycle and lead a sustainable lifestyle is to use glass jar or cloth bags to go shopping at stores. Take your own reusable cloth bag and try not to buy food that goes in plastic bags or containers.
  • Use energy-efficient lights and when you leave the house, turn off all the lights and heating.
  • If your pocket allows, install solar panels at home, this way you will use your own electricity and only the one you need. Even if you live in a community of neighbors you can install solar panels in the community.

  • Install aerators in the faucets. Sounds Chinese, doesn’t it? These filters are threaded into the faucets, especially in the kitchen and bathroom faucets, and save you up to 50% water. What do you think?. When the faucets are opened, the pressure water comes out because the water is mixed with the air. Other ways to save water may be or collecting rainwater through a reservoir or installed a water filter to drink or cook at home,this way you won’t buy as much bottled water.
  • Did you know that meat production is one of the main causes of polluting gases? Reduce meat intake,you don’t have to eliminate them completely from your diet but do reduce their consumption or at least try.
  • Another way to lead a sustainable lifestyle is to create your own urban garden at home. What do you think of the idea? Do you live in a community of downtown neighbors? Install an urban garden on the roof of your building!
  • Forget all the spray products.
  • Are you one of the people who always looks at the provenance of the products you buy? It is very important to buy local products and try to buy in the small shops of your neighborhood.

A sustainable lifestyle at work

During our working hours we can also lead a sustainable lifestyle or at least try. Almost all of the actions mentioned above can be applied in our day-to-day work, yet we will talk about some more specific ones.

  • Did you know that computer is one of the appliances that spends the most energy?. Try not to leave your computer on when you’re going out to eat or you’re more than an hour away. If you’re thinking about renewing your computer, don’t forget to try give them a second chance or donate them to associations that may need them.
  • If you are one of those who takes advantage and stays to eat at work,try making food at home and of course transport it in glass tupers or recyclable containers.
  • One of the actions that will make you feel like you’re leading a sustainable lifestyle is don’t take your car to go to work. If you’re more or less close to work you see walking and take advantage to stretch your legs, but you can always use public transport or a bad share of your car with other colleagues.

Sustainability on the street

  • You can walk to as many places as you can, otherwise you can always catch public transport.
  • Don’t throw anything on the ground no matter how small.
  • Use public transport or because you don’t take the bike out on the street and take the dust off.

We hope you enjoyed it!