Great advantages of living in the city

vivir en el centro

Do you live in a small town on the outskirts of town and are you thinking of moving with the family to the city center? Are you one of those who still doesn’t have entirely clear the advantages of living in the city? If you have always lived in a small town or in a small town you probably do not know the rhythm of life of the big cities, so today in the blog we tell you the different advantages of living in the city.

If we had to highlight one of the great advantages of living in the city would be the best and greater access to public services among many others, instead the biggest disadvantage would be the great pollution that exists in most large cities. We detail more detailed all those advantages of living in the city.

The first advantage would be the large amount and public transport options and pedestrian access there.

One of the great reasons that most people have when it comes to wanting to live in the city is the large amount of public service that exists, from buses, meters, tram, taxis… Even, because you can’t move around with your own bike or skateboard, this would be one of the ways to avoid polluting the city.

Public transport prevents you from having to take your own vehicle every time you need to move, plus using public transport is much cheaper than if you had to park on the street or use parking lots to park your car, in addition to the money you have to you’d spend on gas.

If you made a calculation of what you spend between the insurance of the vehicle, the cost of a parking, the cost of parking it in blue area, the traffic tax, the gasoline… it would be much cheaper to rent a car when you need it and at the same time use public transport. Do you agree?

Other advantages of living in the city would be the great the city has options for spending free time. In most cities you can find free and paid cultural programs to enjoy and entertain yourself with family as well as friends whether outdoors or not. Museums, theatres, concerts, cinemas…

Don’t forget the great range of restaurants and shops to spend a nice time. In the big cities there is a wide variety of restaurants.

Another advantages are the wide variety of private and public schools. One of the great advantages of living in the city is that there are more variety of schools either more traditional and where care is more personalized or public schools.

Just as there are a wide variety of schools there are also much more job opportunities, which is the same job offer. This is another big reason why many families decide to go and live in the city centre. The city is the perfect place to start looking for work. Life in the city makes you expand your professional contacts and personal relationships.

And you what advantages do you see him to live in the city center? do you like living on the outskirts of town? Or would I rather live downtown and have it all closer?

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