Have you ever considered without your car and living without a car? What things would change in your life if you didn’t have a car? Maybe you should start asking yourself these two questions.

First ly a few months ago there is a somewhat complicated future for combustion cars and that is that in some of the cities of Spain or are already banning the circulation and entry to the center of the cities or they are considering it and therefore promoted or new forms of mobility such as bicycles, scooters, electric motorbikes…

As results of the IV Online Comparison Study towards Smart Savings Rastreator.com, 48.5% of people depend daily on their vehicles to get around.

Need or preference for use your own vehicle? 

45% of the Spanish population prefers to use their own vehicle rather than use public transport in front of the 30% of the population who prefer to get around by public transport.

This dependence on using the vehicle itself also varies according to gender and people’s age. Studies claim that men are more dependent than women (52% versus a 44%) and that young people between the ages of 25 and 34 use their vehicles the most (55%).

Reasons to live no car.

Ecological and supportive is trendy and fashionable. Living without a car too, the same goes for alternative transport such as conventional, folding bikes, scooters and electric motorbikes or even walking.

More and more people choose to do so, to live without a car, for sustainable, economic and healthy transport. But as much as we contribute to a greener planet, at an environmental level we can do little if our environment continues to use the car for everything. For us to notice the difference, the decision to live without a car must be everyone’s.

Reasons why dispensing with the car is advantageous:

Living without a car is… Save

Use public transport is much cheaper than using the car, and catching the much more than using public transport, but it will all depend on the distances you have to travel.

Considering the possibility of stopping taking the car is a saving at the end of the month even if you can not always because of the distances, the important thing is to have the intention and stop using the car. It all adds up.

Although we have always been sold that having a car is meaning freedom and independence, which in some way it is, we must take into account the slavery that traffic jams entail, seek parking, pay insurance, pay taxes, repairs…

Living without a car is… pollute less and contribute to a greener world

When using and sharing a means of transport with other people such as the bus, the train, metro or not using any means of transport we stop polluting.

Living without a car is… get more exercise

A lot of times we take the car because it takes us lazy to walk and we could really walk or bike. Not having a car forces us to overcome that laziness and has exercised the body.

Living without a car is… If we need a car, we can rent it!

Living without a car doesn’t mean we’re not going to use it at some point. Renting a car or sharing it sporadically thanks to the collaborative economy is a possibility that helps us to live without a car of our own.

More and more central neighbourhoods are prohibiting entry with vehicles, and neighborhoods are being pedestrianized. What is the pedestrianization of the neighborhoods ? Do you consider what benefits does a neighborhood bring to the pedestrian city?

Would you like to create an urban garden on the roof?

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