Our designable buildings

In Designable we promote a healthy, sustainable and personalizedlifestyle. Not only will you live in the center of Valencia but your house will be part of a new building with sustainability parameters well above the market.

Designable philosophy

Our philosophy is, to become “the promoter” of your home. You will decide the distribution, materials, finishes in your home in addition to the services and equipment that the community will have both on the ground floor and on the roof of the building… The house will be adapted to you and yours, you will have a totally personalized home.

Therefore, we look in the center of the cities with charming buildings to rehabilitate or plots with magic to build a building that can accommodate a small community of neighbors.

After that, we make a lace to know how many homes can leave and the indicative price of each of them. And as in designable we believe in the sustainable building model,we just want to build those buildings that we know what they’re going to live. The next step is to find people who would like to have a house in the chosen location and who want to participate in a process of co-creation of the building.

Call us rare,but we believe that people prefer to have a swimming pool, an urban garden or a garden for children on the roof of the building to enjoy all the neighbors, to an attic that covers the entire terrace of the building. And we also know that it’s better that there’s a laundry company, a takeaway house, a book shop or a ground-floor gym that makes it easy for neighbors to keep up with each day and not a noisy night pub or, even worse, a closed place.

Nuestro sistema os permite diseñar no sólo la estética y los servicios comunes del edificio, sino también las viviendas.

Once the building is defined we started a design process, where the architectural team works with each of the neighbors setting up both the distribution and the finishes of their homes.

That’s when you can choose what to do and what the 100 square meters of house you’ve bought will look like. For example, if you want to have three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a living room-kitchen with pistachio walls or if you prefer to have an open loft full of light in graphite black to give free rein to the artist inside you. We don’t care, we just want you to be happy.

Don’t worry, we know that we have said many times the words“co-creation” and “co-design” and that you are already thinking about the dead hours that you are going to spend in eternal meetings that end in nothing. But thanks to our intranet most decisions,both the generals of the building and the individuals of the houses, they can be taken from your favorite armchair at home when you feel like it without you having to worry about being late to your spinning class by choosing the faucets of the children’s bathroom. But if you still want to take a walk and visit us in our offices,we will be more than happy to invite you to a café and solve all your doubts.

Advantage of the designable:

  • You live in the center of Valencia, in a very sustainable and totally personalized house, all the rarities included.
  • Designable manages and supervises the entire operation and project, ensuring that the deadlines of the operation are met and solving the unforeseen events that arise.
  • For the processes of co-creation and design we put at your disposal our online service that will support you in making decisions without having to worry about anything, avoiding anger and wasteof time.
  • There is total transparency in price since the first meeting: money is yours and you have the right to know where every penny invested goes, including our profit.
  • Being small buildings you know your neighbors from the beginning, and they will share with you preferences, lifestyles and many good times

Inconvenient of designables:

  • Compared to other traditional promotion or self-promotion options, the process takes a little longer until we give you your home.
  • To reach the level of customization you like you need to actively participate in the development of the project, although being able to do it online facilitates the process.
  • Trust is key for such operations to go ahead, both on the designable computer and between neighbors.
  • The price of the house remains a little above that of a cooperative, but the extra you are paying for in location, sustainability, services, personalization and well-being.


Yes you don’t want complications and have your new construction house the sooner, look for a home traditional promotion and pay industrialized housing that fulfills the basic functions of a home and assumes that you will go through a adaptation to what others have chosen for your home.

If you are looking for something more personal,where you can make decisions, pay the fair price of your home in a transparent way and feel that you are part of a community, your choice is self-promotion.

Within the different types of self-promotion that we have seen, if for you the important thing in your home is the price,stay with a cooperative that offers you an attractive project that fits your budget.

But you are one of those who think that investing in oneself and yours is always the best investment and for that you need a house that you feel your own, that meets your needs and this personalized. Also if what you like most is to live in the center of Valencia and walk everywhere to forget about the car because you care about the environment. If you want to be part of a community of neighbors with whom you share the services and equipment you have chosen for the building. Or if you don’t know what you want,but you’ve been looking for a long time and you don’t find anything on the market that makes you make the leap, then talk to us, because maybe we haven’t designed your house yet.

After that, we hope that it has helped you and you have understood the designable philosophy.

We invite you to know the characteristics of a sustainable building. In our blog we also tell you the differences between traditional promotion housing and self-promotion.