Supermanzanas are a new form of urban organization consisting of cells that, with their implementation, provide various solutions to the main mobility problems in cities, while improving the quality and disposition of public space for pedestrians.

These Apples have about 400 by 400 meters and inside it almost totally reduces traffic motor vehicle parking and surface vehicle parking, giving priority to pedestrians in public space.

In this way, motorized traffic it runs along the perimeter roads, while the inland streets are free pedestrians and, in special cases, for certain traffic, such as vehicles emergency or loading and unloading.

Therefore, the Supermanzanas are shaping up as a comprehensive solution that brings urban planning and mobility planning with the aim of limiting the presence of private vehicles in public space and give this space back to the citizens.

This prioritization of the pedestrian against the car is the basis of the whole set of interventions related to the Supermanzanas: single section streets, increased security by speed limitations (at 10km/h) and the increase in habitability and comfort in the public space.

Therefore, the implementation of the Supermanzanas translates into a better quality of life in the city and, everything, it reduces the environmental impact. This initiative, in turn, increases the quality of life for neighbours and passers-by, and social cohesion is increased and the economic activity of the area.

These Supermanzanas are already approved or in the process of being designed in some Spanish cities such as Vitoria, A Coruña, Ferrol, Viladecans and El Prat, and in different districts of Barcelona, as well as Grácia, where the Supermanzana has won the First BMW Initiative Award 2011 and have been recognized as Good Practice by Un-Habitat in 2010.

Valencia’s first Supermanzana

In our city it is also planned that one of these Supermanzanas will be implanted, prioritizing recovery of public space and access to housing.

The first Supermanzana of Valencia will be reduced to an intersection in the neighborhood of Extramurs, at the back of the Colegio Jesús y Maria, as told in the article How the ‘Supermanzana’ will be created in Valencia de Las Provincias.

The Gran Via Fernando axes the Catholic, Literate Gabriel Miró, Juan Llorens and Orellana Scholar and his interior Calixto III and Palleter streets will enjoy a partial pedestrianization combined with road traffic, bicycles and Pedestrians. The neighborhood of Extramurs will host the experience but with 2 streets, in 4, the usual number in some like the Supermanzana of Barcelona.

In Barcelona, this initiative has led to an increase of 91% of green areas, a reduction in traffic, from 2,218 to 932 cars per day, an increase of 30% of the commercial occupancy of low-rise plants.

New Palleter Building

In this Supermanzana in addition, there will be the New Palleter Building,which will have 11 homes, of which three are already reserved. In this building you will live in a consolidated neighborhood that will have a pedestrianized area, which will double the green areas, reduce pollution and improve the life of the neighbors.

In addition, this building will use renewable energies such as aerothermia, photovoltaic or geothermal. You can design your home to your liking, choosing the layout and size of your home, from an apartment to 4 bedrooms, as well as the facilities and all the finishes.

Valencia’s second Supermanzana will be in Orriols

On the other hand, it is also planned to implement other Supermanzanas in Valencia, such as Orriols. The scope of action will be the one delimited between the streets Pare Viñas, Duc de Mandas, Reig Genovés and Sant Vicent de Pa.l.

The goal of this Supermanzana will be implement a public space recovery model that encourages sustainability and accessibility.

It will also take into account aspects of the design of the pavement, furniture or vegetation, giving it a distinctive character at the same time functional, and reinforcing the identity of the neighborhood, which will have a new public space that takes into account its needs.

And what do you think of these new Supermanzanas? Do you already know all the advantages of living in the city center?

Live in the First Supermanzana of Valencia! Meet the New Palleter Building!