Supermanzanas, the new revolution of cities


Have you ever heard of the Supermanzanas?

Supermanzanas are a new form of urban organization that tries to improve the quality of life within cities.

How? Improving neighborhoods and the quality of life of neighbors, because they reduce traffic and thereby noise together with CO2 emissions, increase the green areas and thus the lung of the city; there are greater pedestrian areas and better opportunities are created for the services of the neighborhood.

Why? Because they offer different solutions to the main problems we have in cities, such as: noise and environmental pollution, low use and enjoyment of public spaces, the few landscaped areas and the difficulty for mobility.

But what exactly are they like?


A Supermanzana usually has about 400 meters by 400 meters and, both the traffic and the parking of vehicles inside it is reduced almost entirely, turning this space into pedestrian areas that give priority to the neighbors, where they can walk or play sports. Here’s an image that compares a regular apple and a Supermanzana, to make it easier for you to understand.

In this way, traffic alone it runs down large avenues, reducing the number of vehicles and pollution they generate.

On the other hand, it is also limited the speed of nearby streets, the way the quality of life is improved in the cities!

Do you want to live next to the first Supermanzana in Valencia?

In Valencia we will soon have the first Supermanzana and could not pass up this opportunity for our future neighbors.


It will be in the neighborhood of Extramurs and at the back of the Colegio Jesús y María, according to the article of The Provinces: “What will be the ‘supermanzana’ that will be created in Valencia”. This area is very close to the river, Rojas Clemente market and many more services that you can have at your fingertips, just 5, 10 or 15 minutes walk!

Our New Palleter Building will be located next to this Supermanzana,at 52 Palleter Street, where you will prioritize the recovery of public space, garden areas and access to the house. The envy of the area! Would you like to meet him?

Our New Palleter Building will have 11 homes, half of which are already reserved!

In this new building you can live in a consolidated neighborhood that will have this great pedestrianized area, which will double the green areas, reduce pollution and improve the health of all.

In addition as you know, this building will follow our sustainability line, employ renewable energies such as aerothermia, photovoltaics or geothermal. Also you will have parking for bikes and scooters, lockers to receive your orders online when you’re not at home and trash room with recycling, between other services.

Palleter Building

Oh! And very importantly, you can have fun customizing your house completely to your liking, choosing the distribution and size; being able to choose from an apartment to a house with 4 bedrooms, as well as the facilities, style and all the finishes. We are experts in rarities! Tell us yours and we’ll put them in Palleter.

Supermanzanas, The future of cities!


As we said before, this initiative presents an ideal solution to urban planning, so that pedestrians are prioritized. The Supermanzanas are already approved or in the process of being designed in some Spanish cities such as Vitoria, A Coruña, Ferrol, Viladecans and el Prat, and in different districts of Barcelona, in addition to Gracia, where the Supermanzana has won the First Prize BMW Initiative 2011 and have been recognized as Good Practice by Un-Habitat in 2010.

In Barcelona, this initiative has led to an increase of 91% of green areas, a reduction in traffic, from 2,218 to 932 cars per day, an increase of 30% of the commercial occupancy of low-rise plants.

By 2030, Barcelona aims to become a whole Supermanzana, with 1 in 3 streets transformed into streets or pedestrian gardens and at the crossroads of these, squares where children can play quietly, what a marvel!