Urbanite, a lifestyle

Are you tired of living out of town and you want to be a more urban people?

Until recently, most families fled living in the city to go to the countryside with a single goal, flee from the chaos and seek quality of life for themselves and their children. Even so, the voices that say that living in the city has become the most sustainable and ecological optionare gradually resurfacing, even more than living in the countryside, on top of that, seems to be the most economical option. Isn’t that contradictory?

Ago a few years it was considered that living in the countryside was the best option, far from noises, of car pollution, where only the noises were heard birds and you could enjoy the tranquility and silence. The only inconvenience, moving every day to the city to go to work as a Minimum.

Of course, it all depends on the needs and lifestyle of each one, a person who works with the computer from home, the option to live in the countryside is perfect and possibly meets your needs. But a person who has to take their children to school, go to work and even to buy bread needs a means of transport, of course living in the countryside is not the best option.

What lifestyle do you feel most identified with? Are you a more urban person and who likes to enjoy the city or do you prefer the tranquility of living in the countryside?

What is quality of Life? Could you say that living in the city is a quality of life?  

It really depends on the type of life you want to have, if you want to be a more urban, a person who likes to live and enjoy the facilities of the city. Being able to walk anywhere or at most take public transport or use the bicycle or electric scooter and make this your means of daily transport.

Lower to buy bread from the neighborhood bakery and be able to go to dinner or have a drink with friends without having to move the car, because you either don’t have or because you think it’s what it you need even better to rent it from time to time, and with that you already meet your needs. Then living in the city is perfect for you.

Do you think living in the city is about being a smart consumer? I mean, do you think housing in the city means making the most of money and thus leading to smarter consumption? Or do you think living outside the city is on account and that it makes up for the economic cost that comes with it?

If you are one of those who lived outside the city and liked to enjoy the garden and plant your own vegetables you can always settle an urban garden at home.

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