What does the price of your Designable home include? Find out!

If there’s one thing we’re different about Designable, it’s that with us you can customize your home, easily, planned and down to the smallest detail. Customizing is the most impactful thing we do at Designable, BUT THE PRICE OF YOUR HOME INCLUDES A LOT OF THINGS! Today we tell you what other advantages it has to buy a personalized and sustainable house with Designable.

What 3 first phases are included within the price

The first thing we do at Designable is find all the neighbors who will live in the building, so we make sure you have the house you want with people like you. Our neighbors are one of those who get a pinch of salt on Sundays and water the pots in summer, come on, they’re good people!

Secondly, we care about searching, negotiating and buying on your behalf the floor and the building with the best conditions. While we build or rehabilitate it, we will manage and manage the SL that is made up of all the neighbors, in addition to the contracts that are generated, the invoices and the necessary professionals during this wonderful journey, where we are all joined by the same objective, to build a personalized and self-sufficient building.

We will keep you up to date with each step that we take by providing a periodic report where you can analyze the progress to achieve the goal of enjoying your homes.

The third thing is that we direct the technical projects and apply for the license of works. Afterwards, we asked several construction companies to presupuse the work, we validate the project and the contract with them. Once the works have started, we take care that the building is built in the agreed time, without delays and with the agreed price and, of course, with the highest quality that we demand in Designable to have your house personalized and sustainable, rarities included!

And as for customization, what is included?

Within the process of personalization of your home, the first thing we do is assign you to one of our team architects, so you can give yourself personalized advice. Together you can choose the distribution of the house that best suits your needs, then it will help you to concrete and prioritize all the elements within your house and accompany you throughout the process: from the distribution to the choice of finishes and equipment of your house.

We will send you an update with your decisions and a budget so that you have all the information throughout the process. In this way we can advise you and take into account all your priorities, because in Designable, the important thing is you.

Designable and legal/financial personal advice is also included, more would be missing!

To buy your home, you will need to solve some doubts, we know, it is a somewhat complex process. That’s why we’ve anticipated which points can be more complicated and strengthened communication. With Designable you will be assigned one of our technicians for the design and monitoring of the construction of your house,which will also be included in the price of your house, of course.

In addition, you will have an independent legal team for the supervision of contracts of sale of your house, which will solve all your doubts; and you’ll have financial advice to facilitate decision-making in order to have the best mortgage.

Therefore, we will make sure that we are by your side until the delivery of the keys to your house, and coordinate all the teams involved in the construction of the building so that you have a single interlocutor, us!

With all this, you still haven’t decided to live in a designated house? Well, no problem, surely if you know our New Palleter Building you will be convinced! Discover why it is the best building in Valencia, by far!