Orientation, budget, or location are just some of the most important factors to consider when buying a home.

Buying a home is one of the most important decisions of our lives because in the long term many factors can influence.

Today in the designable blog we will discuss the most important factors before buying a home.

First of all we need to think about location. What area we would like to live in. In the city, out of town, in the same city, away from the burden but that does have some of the main services such as a supermarket or a health center?. Centrally located but not in central hair?…

When we think about the location of our future home, we also have to take into account the journeys that we would make on a daily basis, that is, the distance we would make from home to work, from home to our parents’ house or for example, if we have to take the children to school and although this is one aspect should not be a very decisive factor it can change over time.

Is it is very important to know if we want to have public transport nearby, a supermarket, pharmacy or a supermarket health center or if there are schools near our new home. It will all depend of the needs and customs of each family.

If you’ve always lived out of town and are used to taking the car for everything, you’ll probably still want to live outside the city as you’re used to it. If you are a more urban… you’ll want to live downtown. Or on the contrary, you’ve seen that your needs have changed and you’ve decided to make a change of life and location.

Another key factor when buying a home is the size of the property. It will depend mainly on the needs of each family. If you are going to live alone, with a studio or a small step with a room and possibly a storage room will be more than enough, or not, you prefer to live in a larger house in case visitors come. However, a family whether or not they are a large family usually have the need for a floor of between 90 and 150 square meters minimum, with three bedrooms, two services, living room and kitchen.

External factors such as noise and luminosity are also two important aspects to consider when buying a home.

The outside noise, if for example you do not want to live in an area where you hear a lot of fuss at night, you will have to look for a home in an area that is quieter. Or if you want a house that has a lot of natural light, if you want it to have large windows or for example, another important factor is the orientation of the house.

These are just some of the important factors when buying a home but as we said above everything will depend on the needs of each family.

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