As architecture and company well defines in its article on Modular Constructions,a modular house consists of a house that is manufactured and transported by modules from a factory with a certification, and that is “assembled” by professionals in the land designated for the house. After being mounted to the assigned location, the finishes are applied.

It should be noted that this type of homes is a very good solution if speed is required when it comes to shortening construction times and housing delivery; besides that this guy constructions are carried out more efficiently and sustainably than constructions Traditional.

Benefits of modular homes

Safe and durable materials

Unlike what often thought of, the materials with which houses are built modulars have the same quality as traditional houses, highlighting in addition, the external modules are sometimes also made of cement, wood or insulating panels.

In addition, panels inside the house are designed to offer the best conditions possible thermal and acoustics.

Sustainable materials

These modular homes are more environmentally responsible than traditional ones, as they are often manufactured with recycled materials and, in addition, the fact of being manufactured in molds and enclosed spaces generates less waste.

Construction speed

As we have highlighted before, this type of projects can be carried out in up to 50 less than the usual time,which, in the case of those who are in greater hasty to move into their new home, this is a very good solution.

Modular houses can usually be completed between 3 and 6 months, depending on the difficulty and complexity of the project.

In this type of constructions, climate-related inconveniences or weather factors are significantly reduced, as work is mainly worked on the inside from the factory.

Possibility to add or remove modules

This type of housing can be reformed more easily,because being built with modules, this facilitates the process of removing or adding them.

Therefore, modular homes are better suited to the needs of homeowners, as the flexibility of this type of construction is one of its great benefits.

Fixed or effective costs

In the houses once the project and the plant have been accepted, in addition to the materials and the price remains fixed, as the details do not occur commonplace of traditional construction.

Therefore, we can conclude in this respect, that the cost of this house is usually lower than those of traditional construction; for the same price you can have a sustainable and quality house.

Totally tailor-made

Another very relevant factor of this type of construction is that it offers you a greater ease when it comes to personalizing your home,because you are the one who chooses the modules, distribution and materials. In addition you can buy it without equipping, or with cabinets and appliances directly.

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