Your personalized, sustainable and downtown home

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Do you want to have your home personalized, in a sustainable building and in the center of the city? In designable we design your home to your needs, rarities included! And in this article we tell you how.

It is important to emphasize that in the current health crisis in which we find ourselves and having experienced a confinement in our homes of about two months, now more than ever it is very important to be comfortable in our homes and that we find in them a space for all our needs, whatever they may be.

That’s why, in the today’s article we talk a little bit more about why Designable and how our process works.

In Designable we give you the possibility to choose the materials and distribution of your house,in addition to including those rarities that characterize you so much and that are present in your day to day and within your home. All this in the center of the city and in sustainable buildings.

As we mentioned earlier, after the onset of Coronavirus and increasingly present life, inside the house, it is now more important than ever that your home suits all your needs; from being able to telework in an adapted space where you can concentrate, to be able to do sports without having to go to the gym.

You don’t have to to say that this new situation has made us rethink the relationship that we have with our house and the different spaces that make up it, considering whether they really fit our needs and whether we need all the rooms we have, or maybe we should give them a different functionality.


Therefore, in Designable we offer you, as the main objective, that you can have your personalized house, choosing the rooms, what their distribution is like, the materials, the finishes, the storage inside the rooms, the appliances or the furniture of the kitchen. To do this, you have a ‘customization package’ with a budget that you can consume and balance (if they are spent on something specific, they can reduce on other things or lower the qualities so as not to go too far).

In addition to being able to design your custom house step by step, you also have the possibility to, by agreeing with your neighbors, choose what the common areas of the building will look like.

As for the fact that clients participate in the process, first resolving the questionnaire with their preferences and then designing their home together with the architects based on what they have selected on the form; helps speed up deadlines and reduce costs by 15%.

In addition, in this process there are no intermediaries, and the price of each home is fixed, knowing at all times where every euro goes inside your home.

The costs each always depend on the quality of the materials chosen by each the cost of the site where the building is located.


On the other hand responsibility to the environment, when it comes to customize each house, you can see in real time, the CO2 emissions that will produce every choice that is made and variations in case it is changed decision-making.

As we know, pollution and congestion are two of the main problems the great capitals of the world. Only with the great use of the private car this account for 17% of total CO2 emissions. Therefore, in Designable we only build buildings in the center of cities, taking advantage of empty plots or buildings who need to be rehabilitated. As a result, these custom homes in the city centre can help reduce CO2 emissions to 70% because private vehicle use is reduced.

It should also be noted that no building is built that is notnecessary, and that our buildings fit with a certain lifestyle, fundamentally sustainable; as we also contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

In the center

At the same time, this building model solves the problem of aging buildings in the center of cities, as, traditionally, the work new is always concentrated on the outskirts of cities and the flats of second hand to reform are 90% of home purchases; being necessary a renewal of the sector.

Building in the center also offers an added value, because in this way the neighbors ofthe building have everything at their fingertips and the need to use the private vehicle is greatly reduced, making it easier for them to move around the city and being close to everything.

And you, do you know our buildingsyet? Would you like to live in our new Palleter Building? Find out!