If we can change the climate of the World by accident, imagine what we can achieve by trying.

Bjarke Ingels


According to the United Nations (UN), cities occupy only 3% of the Earth’s surface but they emit 75% of the World’s CO2 emissions. Citizens can do a lot about it as buildings and cars are responsible for 42% of all those emissions.

That’s why Designable is a new way to create homes based on technology and focused on people and the environment.

Our buildings are BREEAM certified.

Starting the process to be an aspiring BCorp company.

At the TOP100 European Impact Startup by UK.

Selected as Impact Startup in the Real Estate.


The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that each European citizen emits 6 tons of allocated CO2 per year. That’s why people who live in our buildings become ZERO-CO2 Citizens, because they save the same amount of allocated CO2. This is how we help more people actively protect the environmentby balancing their emissions by enjoying a sustainable lifestyle in the city.

ZERO-CO2 Energy

We increase the quality of the insulation of our buildings and implement renewable energies until we achieve zero energy consumption.

ZERO-CO2 Construction

We use zero-carbon footprint materials and prefabrication building systems that reduce CO2 emissions during construction.

ZERO-CO2 Lifestyle

We create a quality alternative to live in the city center, which helps people to reduce car use on a day-to-day basis.


Buildings consume 40% of all the energy generated on the planet and the 30% of the water consumed in the world according to United Nations (UN). At Designable we want to lead the revolution that the Real Estate needs to make it the spearhead in the fight against Climate Change and the protection of the Environment. These are our Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).