Actually, you have to take dreams very seriously.

– Tadao Ando

With us you can design your house your way, both distribution and finishes and equipment, so that you do not miss anything,
rarities included.

a clear process

01 Hello

Fill out the form so that we know each other and tell us what you are asking for your house, rarities included.


02 Do you like it?

When we have a building that adapts to your needs we warn you so you can choose the size of the home.


03 A/B

You customize your home and receive a first personalized proposal with an indicative price.

04 All clear

We meet with you to answer all questions about personalization, financing, and next steps.

05 Let's play!

Once the reservation is confirmed we start defining with you the distribution of your new house.

06 Your home

When we have the distribution that you like, you can choose the finishes, equipment and details of your house.

07 No scares

Once you’re clear, we build the building with a closed price for your custom home.

08 Let's live!

Finished the building we welcome the new designable community: to enjoy your homes with yours, rarities included.


Live as you want, it’s your house, it’s your weirdness. We understand rarities like those details that you consider normal inside your home, and that may not be normal in others. Customize your home to three levels:


Your future Designable building is like a tetris that can be filled according to your needs, so you’ll always find a house with the size you need.


70m2 with two bedrooms? 90m2 with three do you prefer a loft of 140m2? Anything is possible. Our square meters are the most efficient because they are to your measure.


You choose the style of the interior of your home, the type of facilities, the quality of its finishes and the equipment, it would be missing more!


Andlet’s do it right. We know you’re worried about the future, so do we. Our buildings work actively and passively to reach a more sustainable social and environmental tomorrow.
Here’s how we got it:


We build in already consolidated and well connected environments, so you don’t have to take the car if you don’t want to. We recover the value of the neighborhoods, filling in empty gaps or rehabilitating old buildings.


We just built the houses you asked for. If we don’t find anyone who wants to live in the next building, it’s not your time, and we’ll look for a more necessary project in another neighborhood.


Your future building will be one of the smart ones, it will optimize the restiros effectively and intelligently to stop consuming the unnecessary. We all save here.


Quality of life in three dimensions: house, building and neighborhood. We believe that these three elements should always be in harmony. Get a complete experience that meets all your present and future needs.
Here’s our trick:

your house,

it’s your house. Here you send and your wishes are orders. Really? That simple? Right. Buying a house is a very important thing and we want it to be a brutal experience.

your building

A building designed to meet your needs and those of people like you. In addition, vitamins with a good dose of sustainability and energy efficiency remain leading within 30 years.

your neighborhood

We want your building to be the best neighbor in the neighborhood. It’ll be the envy of the real neighborhood, because we designed today with the future in mind. The basis of all this is simple: that it gives you quality of life and that helps to improve your neighborhood.

double value


We want you to enjoy. That’s why you have at your disposal both a technical team and a legal team that will solve your doubts before buying the house.


Our commitment to your well-being is total. The neighbors of our buildings enjoy the BREEAM International Sustainability Certificate in their homes.