What is home automation?

As the Royal Spanish Academy automation is the action and effect of Automate. Automation is an electrical and automatic control of each of a household’s functions, activities and appliances through Internet.

Some components of an automated home may include control of door and window locks, appliances, home lighting, heating and air conditioning, video surveillance cameras… among many others.

How does home automation work?

Automation is a network of hardware, communication and electronic interfaces that work by incorporating and connecting all everyday equipment with WiFi connection over the Internet, in this way you can control it through the mobile and from any part of the World.

The three main elements of a home automation system are:

  1. Sensors,which are the ones that monitor changes in light, temperature, door openings or even detect movements in a home.
  2. The drivers that are the computers that are used to send and receive messages such as turning on a light, that is, the mobile or a computer.
  3. Finally, transmitters that are the motors or switches that control the mechanisms or functions of home automation systems.

What functions can be controlled through the automation systems of the Home?

The most common functions would be:

  • Turning the home lights on and off
  • A home alarm system
  • Controlling appliances
  • Controlling a home’s security cameras
  • Heating control
  • Monitoring fire systems

What does home automation have home automation?

The the main objective of automating a home is to simplify all functionalities that a home has, such as:

  • Controlling the home Distance from mobile devices, computers, tablets…
  • Schedule computers to automatically activate and deactivate at certain times. Forget about doubting whether or not the bathroom light is off! That said, you’ll have to be connected to the Internet.
  • Automation allows you to be more aware of the energy utilization of your home. For example, automation can help you save money on electricity bills by reduce the turning-on time of the lights or by turning off or reducing the temperature when you leave a room.
  • Automation helps you get a more comfortable and more livable home,i.e. you can program the temperature of your home in advance so that it is always kept at a comfortable temperature. You can program the lights in your home so that when come from work are on or schedule them to turn off at a certain time when it’s done at night.
  • Get a safer home. Fire detectors in addition to other safety features can help protect your home from disaster.

And you, would you like to enjoy the benefits of living in an automated home? To us, of course, it is!

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