Home Connect: Control your home from your mobile

As we’ve seen in recent months, home automation has been gaining great relevance in much of the world’s homes.

This home automation not only allows us to have a security system that allows us to report any breakdowns in our homes; it also keeps us current of everything that happens in our home.

The security, therefore, is one of the aspects that take great relevance to the implementation of a home automation system, as it increases the well-being of family and their peace of mind.

Without need to be at home, you can know at every moment what’s going on and you can perform tasks on it from somewhere else.

Control your appliances

The Bosch and Siemens brands have come together to create home connect, a system used to control the appliances of the home from mobile or tablet. Tasks such as preheating the oven or knowing if the dishwasher has run out of polish can now be done from the office or the supermarket.

In addition, this technology also serves to control the lighting of all the spaces of the house, through home automation devices can be turned off or on light bulbs without moving, and control the light of terraces and balconies with intensity regulation.

Thanks to this, you don’t just get one more home comfortable, if not you increase energy efficiency and savings.

In terms of air conditioning, this system also controls the saving time and resources thanks to energy efficiency.

The advantages of being able to control remote air conditioning are, mainly, the savings and comfort they entail for the inhabitants of the house; resources are optimized by controlling the temperature of each stay of the house.

In addition to these, home automation applies to almost all spaces in the house where we want to optimize the tasks, because, by connecting the smart speaker services like Amazon Alexa, we have our the ability to perform various tasks by voice.

Home Connect

Home Connect works over Wifi, something that is currently almost available to everyone, as this technology is also available for both Apple and Android.

This app allows you to control your appliances in a easier way, as it gives you access to all relevant information about your appliance when you need it.

In addition, it allows you to control the timers, connect and disconnect any appliance and activate various modes in them.

What is Home Connect?

home connect

Home Connect is a technology that is included in a number of appliances and that allows us to control them from mobile or tablet.

This application aims to offer the user a smart home, and make their day-to-day life more bearable thanks to the control from the app, w.e. w.

This service has been around for a few years in operation, though only for certain appliances such as dishwashers and ovens; currently there are already all kinds of appliances on the market.

In addition, it is expected that soon other brands with these same functions, as explained on the web, because, currently, the compatible brands are some like Bosch or Siemens.

What can I really do with Home Connect?

Depending on the appliance you want control, this system has several functions:

In the case of the coffee maker, you can control what you want to drink from the app, as well as memorize your favorite drinks and you’ll be able to discover the curiosities of what you’re drinking through the app.

If you want to change the settings of the extractor hood or save energy by turning it off at a specific time, you can do it also from your mobile.

Instead, as for the oven, you can leave food making the time you need and scheduling its shutdown, in addition to receive notifications about how your plate is going. The app will also give you very varied recipes for you to innovate in the kitchen.

In case you want to put the dishwasher, washing machine or dryer you can do it from the app and you’ll get notifications about how it’s going, as well as reduce electricity consumption when scheduling appliances in reduced-rate hours.

You can also, thanks to the cameras integrated into the philgrorific see what you have and must buy, while these in the supermarket. You can also control the temperature.

What are the advantages?

Among the advantages you get from include this system in your home on a day-to-day life, is that you optimize the time you invest in doing household chores, in acts such as making coffee from the bed to have it done as long as you get up.

Also, if you have children, you can block appliances so that they are not at risk with them; Can pause the washing machine to add some more piece of clothing or that they can’t inadvertently turn on the oven and cause an accident.

On the other hand, with this app you have better organization within your home and on a day-to-day as you can know what there’s in the fridge and buy it, as it includes cameras making it easier to do the shopping list being in the supermarket.

Finally, thanks to the remote control you can activate the vacuum cleaner from anywhere, in case you expect a visit, to always have the house ready for any meeting.

What do you think of home automation? Do you want to know the new contactless technologies that have emerged in front of coronavirus?