Smart buildings in the world. Top 5

Below we will show you the 5 smart, innovative and sustainable buildings best known worldwide.

The Crystal, London, England.

The Crystal is considered one of the most sustainable smart buildings in the world because it emits 70% less CO2 than any other building and 100% of the water it uses for all toilets and irrigation systems is recycled.

The building runs on electricity generated by photovoltaic solar panels, all the building is lit with LED lights and fluorescent lights that go turning on and off depending on the amount of sunlight.

The roof of the building has a system that collects rainwater and treats it to be used later as we mentioned above for use in bathroom and irrigation systems.

The Edge in Amsterdam, Holland.

The Edge is the world’s most important smart building known as the most innovative and sustainable building in 2008.

The Edge has a system that monitors, analyzes and organizes each and every one of the activities they do in the building, in addition to providing light and temperature that the people who work there want.

The roof of the building is covered with solar panels that produce more energy than the one that the building itself consumes.

The geographical location of this smart building is perfect as it allows all natural light to enter so it decreases energy use. Another feature of this building is that it stores all the rainwater that will later be used for toilets and irrigation of green areas.

Leadenhall in London, England.

Leadenhall, is another of the most important smart buildings in England, characterized by having 293 energy meters inside the building, smart elevators, rainwater collection systems and continuous ventilation every seven floors with the aim of making air circulate freely on every floor of the building.

The headquarters of Siemens, United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi desert.

This building saves 63% energy and reduces 52% of its water consumption. As for the design of the facade of this intelligent construction has an aluminum coating that minimizes the effects of the sun, also takes advantage of sunlight thanks to a system of “fins” that rise and fall according to the position of the sun.

Glumac Shanghai.

This building has an air purification system that reports the air quality inside and outside in real time, and has a wall that helps purify the air.

Almost all the material used in the building has been made of materials Recycled.

The heating goes through an underfloor system, has pvc panels on the roof, meters composting.

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