If we think about the percentage that light represents on a household bill we are talking about between a 10% and 25% of the total. That’s why it’s very important to get, or at least try, efficient lighting at home,but not just by economic benefits it has but also for the environmental benefits.

As for the economic benefits, it is more than clear, having efficient lighting will make you consume less light at home and with it the bill of light is lower.

And in terms of environmental benefits, consuming less light in a home will prevent non-renewable resources from running out sooner and harmful gas emissions from being lower.

We must keep in mind that talking about efficient lighting is not only using energy-efficient bulbs or LED bulbs, but adapting the home and consumption to real needs without affecting the amount of light.

It seems that the electricity consumption of a home is increasing more and more the appliances that need this network and also it seems that these are the ones that guarantee us a better quality of life. For this reason, we must pay special attention to finding the best solutions and that help us save energy efficiently. From designable we leave you some tips to get efficient lighting in our homes.

Take advantage of natural light.

The first tip, the most basic and the most important, make the most of the natural light of the day. Natural light is our great ally, we must try not to turn on the lights until the sun is completely gone and hours of sunshine in Spain we go to a lot of.

By example, in the Nordic countries it is so cold and have so few hours of sunshine who take advantage of natural light to the fullest, always leave the curtains open letting every last ray of sunshine pass.

You can choose translucent curtains so that the sun’s rays pass smoothly but at the same time have intimacy.

Get out of the house, anything that’s an obstacle that prevents the light from passing.

It is important that we avoid having very high furniture whether they are shelves or any obstacle that prevents the natural light that “forces” us to turn on artificial light.

Use light tones at home.

If you want to get spacious and bright spaces use light tones both in the furniture and in the floor and in the decoration of the home.

The perfect solution would be a floor in a clear tone, glass tables and bank walls, eye! Don’t overdo it because it can give a cold home feeling. Combine it with something that brings warmth such as wood color.

Find the efficient point of light.

Another of the tips we give you to get efficient lighting at home is, find the perfect spot to put each point of light. Forget the continuous lines of spotlights! They are a huge waste of light and in most cases unnecessary.

Points! . The main light of a dining room should be placed on top of the central table, but if we think of games rooms or living rooms we can put auxiliary lamps that help us to orient the light to suit us.

Get the amount of light we need.

Do you think you have a lot or little light at home? Remember, we’re always in time to put on more light.

For example, in the bedrooms it is not necessary to put a lot of light or with a very high power. The bedroom is a room that we use for sleep and little else, you can put low power and warmth lights. If you want you can put some light point a little stronger at some specific point, for example if you have a dressing room. Instead in the kitchen or a toilet needs a little more power than a bedroom would need.

Remember, when it comes to putting light on you always have to think about what each room in the home is used for, this will help you to get it right and adapt the type of light we need.

Of course, we can always rely on auxiliary lamps.

To get efficient lighting think about maintaining it.

We have talked about the amount of light we need, but it is also very important to maintain it.

It is important to check that they work properly because they can cause a loss of electricity in the event that they do not work properly or have a higher power than necessary.

Clean lamps so that they expand light well, if in doubt about the amount and type of light you need you can always put yourself in contact with an electrician.

And the most logical thing, turn off the lights when you don’t need it.

Now that the cold is coming and it seems to be to stay, you sure want to know some tips to save on home heating.

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