Tips for saving energy at home

Today on the blog we will tell some tips to save energy at home.

First of all we will talk about the key points of savings to reduce the electricity bill and what habits to change or acquire so as not to waste energy.

First of all, what is consumption Silent?

Silent consumption or what is the same, the consumption “stand by”. This is the consumption that a device has when it stays with the typical red light.

This can be seen on devices such as TV, computer, air conditioning.. among many others that although they are being running they stay on. This is an expense that is not usually levied.

Undoubtedly, unplugging appliances from the grid saves 10% of energy consumption.

Save energy on home lighting

Secondly, saving energy from lighting is not only a matter of changing habits like turning lights on and off when we’re not using it, rather, knowing what kind of lights you need to buy to save energy. It’s a lie that turning the lights off and on will make you spend more light.

Use LED lights in the home will make the consumption in lighting decreases up to 90% more.

You should try to take advantage of the natural light whenever you can, therefore, do not close the blinds and curtains until dark.

Save on heating home

On the basis that the ideal temperature in a home should be between 19 and 21oC and that in the bedroom should be between 15 and 17oC, we will tell you some tips to save energy using heating.

We must take into account that every degree that we increase in heating will mean an increase of 7% in consumption.

Therefore, it is important that we do an annual maintenance of the boilers, this means a saving of 15% per year.

Do not cover the radiators and keep them clean. If they are dirty it will make it difficult to spread the air, too, at the beginning of autumn they should be purged in case they have air inside that may make it difficult to transmit heat from the water to the outside.

Other energy-saving tips is to check the locks of the windows and doors

Placing sun screening in the home such as awnings, blinds or pergolas provides us with energy benefits so that we spend less electricity. For this reason, we will use the one that best suits the needs of each one.

Tips for saving energy in the kitchen

Is it is important to choose correctly the container with which to cook, it must be perfectly adapted to the amount of food we’re going to cook.

Another tip would be to cover the containers when you are cooking and take advantage of the waste heat of the kitchen to finish cooking the food, besides that the gas flame or the ceramic hob should not exceed the diameter of the container we are already using that we would be wasting energy.

Use Pressure cookers speed up cooking time and save you up to 75% energy.

Tips for saving energy with the fridge

The fridge is one of the few appliances we have at home that stays on from the time it is purchased until it breaks down. Considering that the shelf life of a refrigerator is around 14 years, we must choose well what type of refrigerator to buy.

Currently the models of refrigerators that come to market are up to 40% more effective that in the old days, that’s why the simple fact of swapking an old fridge for one of the new ones already represents significant savings.

Want to know more tips for saving energy with the fridge?

Did you know that keeping the fridge full saves more energy than if it stays empty? A trick would be, if the fridge is empty, we can put water bottles, since the water retains the cold but if the fridge is empty, the air does not retain the cold.

The larger the refrigerator, the more it consumes, so it’s important to choose a size that suits your needs. The temperature must be between 3 and 5oC

We must not forget that with the great technological innovations are bringing us a little closer to energy efficiency, this is already a big step, besides they are the ones that make our lives much more comfortable.

Do you know what sustainable construction is?